BLM, AOC Quiet After 10-year-old Boy Shot and Killed in New York

When an armed suspect is shot and killed by police, the first people to grab a microphone and scream for justice are AOC and BLM.

Yet, when a young, innocent boy tragically loses his life to violence we see every day in Democrat-run cities, everyone sits on their hands.

That is exactly what we are seeing right now after the horrific death of Justin Wallace.

Where is the Outrage?

I never have and will never defend the actions of rogue police officers.

However, as I have stated many times, these cases are the exception, not the norm.

Of the tens of thousands of arrests and interactions police officers around this country have daily, the percentage of incidents of this type is miniscule.

Dems, however, also portray incidents where the shooting is justified as a social justice issue, such as we are seeing in Minneapolis right now.

I have long maintained that if they put half as much effort into addressing violent crime in their own cities as they do in demonizing police, these neighborhoods might actually be safe for residents to live in.

To that point, Justice Wallace, a 10-year-old African American boy, was shot and killed outside his aunt’s home Saturday night, yet nobody is outraged.

Why? Because the shooter was not white and he was not a police officer.

Why did this boy lose his life? Because of an argument with a neighbor over a driveway.

Fox News goes into more detail in the video below…

The shooting happened in Queens, which is represented, in part, by AOC, yet she has not made a public statement that we have seen on the incident.

Black Lives Matter has also been silent, and that would be because the right boxes were not checked on this death.

In addition to this young boy, three other people lost their lives in New York and 16 people were shot over the weekend, yet all we hear are crickets from the left.

This little boy is dead… yet nobody seems to care simply because the wrong person murdered him.

Source: Fox News

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20 Responses

  1. Milesse, (above), is MORE INTERESTED in getting Her Advertising Post on-air, than caring ANYTHING about te child murdered in the article to which shee attaced her ad! More Advertising GARBAGE on this site!!!!!

  2. I would care less if I read in the paper BLM was sued and forced into bankruptcy, and AOC got run over by a drunk/drugged driver…

  3. This is beyond shameful.
    That little boys life was snuffed out at the hands of some Creep and not a darn thing is being done about it. Where are the Politicians with their Big mouths now.
    Are they going to sit on their laurels and turn their backs..
    You bet they are!

    We want law and order and we want it now brought to the democratic cities.
    This can not be allowed to continue.

  4. I would care less if I read in the paper AOC got run over by a drunk driver, and BLM was sued into bankruptcy….

  5. Democrat’s are all good with Black citizen’s murdering black women & children…the democrat’s are only upset when they can race-bait the situation….right?

  6. Why don’t they just admit the facts that the Police are not the criminals, the blacks are with their attitudes, actions and racial hatred toward the White race and Police.

    1. Maybe the entire police force should retire and leave these cities the way they want them. Oh yeah, and take everyone’s guns away (as in law abiding citizens). Then let’s see how they like defunding the police.

  7. The media has issues with racial bias. I don’t understand what they are trying to do. Maybe turn US citizens against each other simply because of skin color? Nothing surprises me anymore.

  8. They are not concerned about an innocent child but go crazy over a career criminal thug like George Floyd.

  9. 87 % of blacks want more police. They want to bring up their kids in a safe place. Have school choice and financial opportunities. It is the minority that cause all the problems. They listen to aholes like the squad. The media fans the flames of hate and the billionaires like Soros continue to support criminal behavior without consequences. There no longer a democratic party. Just a bunch of idiots and crooks who care nothing for our constitution. There in lies the enemy of freedom.

  10. Once I was a democrat and then awoke to the fact that many democrats were involved in the conspiracy to slaughter resident Kennedy and the far worse (over 1/2 a Century) COVER UP! AS President Reagan put it :
    ” I did’t leave the party , the party left me”>my sentiments exactly. Currently the democrats are more aligned with the Marxists than any Americans.
    More kids are murdered in Blue cities than anywhere else–most by gang violence—they use anything to kill, it need not be a gun.

  11. I keep saying”Time to Take Back Our Country”!! The. people running our country are only interested in taking America and Americans out.
    They didn’t even win the election and we just sit back and do nothing. Time to clean house and throw out the garbage.

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