17 Shot After Bucks Loss to Celtics in Milwaukee

After the Milwaukee Bucks upset loss at home to the Boston Celtics, mayhem broke out in the streets.

When the dust settled, 17 people were injured.

Nine firearms were recovered at the scene.

Angry Losers

Local reports stated that multiple fights broke out after the game.

Not long after the fights broke out, bullets started to fly.

Witness Brittany Bergstrom stated, “Everybody started running.

“There was a stampede, people running over the shrubs, hats, shoes on the ground, drinks spilled everywhere.”

Victims of the shooting ranged in age from 15 to 47.

In addition to the shooting immediately after the game, the city was swept with violence throughout the night.

Police reported at least three other people dead and two more injuries.

It is a sports game, people, chill.

I am about as crazy about sports as it gets, but when the game is over, the emotions are put to bed.

A loss is not worth losing your life or taking someone else’s.

Source: Fox News

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33 Responses

  1. Well that shows to go ya how violent and loss of common dencency respect and common sense things are really getting out of hand.shooting each other over a game who woulda thunk it would hapen.

    1. This is the result of the Hate generated by the fake president and his incompetent administration dividing the nation against each other with Democrats and Republicans at each other’s throats or simply Democrats hating anyone who supports Donald Trump and supporters hating those against Trump. It does not take much for either side to get really mad and strike at anyone from the other side from the frustration of losing. My thought.

      1. You are so right Chris, the fake in the White House is only continuing the division created by the other fake president (and fraudulent, posing as an Indonesian student to get a college education for free), Barry Soetoro.

      2. Agree. Milwaukee is a very troubled, urban rustbelt city that was just waiting for an excuse to blow up.

  2. What is wrong with people? We’re becoming, as one person put it, the age of rage. People have lost the ability to deal with everyday disappointment. As stated in the article, “It’s just a game.”

    1. I guarantee that the perpetrators were DUMBYRATS! Any bets????
      And the Gunns that were recovered did NOT belong to law abiding citizens!
      Any bets????
      The DUMBYRATS want a civil war? They better be careful because they might just get one and they WILL lose and lose big time!

        1. Give them California and Washington and toss in DC for good measure. I figure 6 months and we can clean out the bodies and go back to being sane Americans again.

    2. The violence has been created by the democrats, BLM, Soro, O-Biden, Obama, Bush, Hollywood, and video games. Millionaires and Billionaires are creating an unhealthy environment for the people. People need to use their brains and join together to demand positive changes for Americans. It is time to stop the violence and turn toward changing America by reforming our government system that supports the Americans. No more handouts to illegals or sending billions to Ukraina the homeless need our help. Get smart Americans!!!

  3. GEE…. I wonder who is control of that state. Maybe the Democrats and defund the police. These people need removed from the Whit House and America will survive if we don’t do something.


    1. Luis, I couldn’t agree with you more. If people are fighting about sports (and they do) what is it going to be like when food and gas is scarce? Things are really bad and as long as these people are in office it isn’t going to get better.

  5. This is what happens when you don’t have a Death Penalty for these crimes and you allow people to do Drugs 24/7 . You need Mandatory Drug Testing for everyone with a drivers license, weapons, government jobs, welfare, and every illegal alien and legal alien in America ! All the crazy violence on T.V. movies needs to be expunged off the Media Circuit. All those Hollywood Tycoons are laughing all the way to the Bank.

    1. Stan, EXACTLY. Getting rid of dangerous killers should be routine as homeowners taking their garbage to the curb for disposal.

  6. Were any arrests made? Or is the current administration still stalking anyone remotely connected to January the 6th? I don’t suppose it would matter anyway. Anyone arrested will be back on the streets immediately.

  7. If this is a sign of what is going to happen after sporting events then maybe to avoid shootings and deaths start broadcasting only.No more crowded arenas that turn into shooting galleries.

  8. So why should we even spend our hard earned money and attend these games? You may not be going home in one piece. More like a body bag. Is it worth it to lose your life?

  9. How much do you want to bet these are the Progressive Left/Theft’s thugs?!? We will never see anything or hear anything about them…they will just disappear…until they are doing something similar in another city and state…them poof…they are gone again….They are definitely working hard on dismantling our beloved Country!

  10. The left has no clue, the are just a bunch of weak losers that think victim hood is a job. Trouble is no one is hiring , so they will be gone soon. Then Trump can get back in and clean the place up and ship a bunch of the left loons out of here.

    1. Read the book of Revelations and you just might get an idea of what’s going on. Just in case you don’t kow where to find it, it’s the last book in the Bible.

  11. our country has been destroyed by hateful,corupt left wing crazy evil democrats this has been done on purpose

  12. why are men so obsessed with anything that resembles a ball.
    cancel all games that involve anything that resembles a ball

  13. You could invent something that heals all cancers but the people who can put a ball threw a hoop will make more money every time. Only in america.


  14. Maybe the View can correct all evil. Joy the comedian knows everything about nothing. Hey, she’s just like the President, a mental case along with her Hollywood Weidos, who don’t know to come in out of the rain, unless paid millions for being someone else. All of them are fakes and commies of the Democratic Party. Now to the sports. What NBA player is worth more tossing a basketball than the President? Too damn many of them are putting professional sports on the shelf with their worthless money demands. What have they done to help anyone but themselves? Are any of willing serve in the military to protect the Country that enables them to pay a sport and make millions of dollars? Without the coaches, some of them should be like Joy, a waste on the View. And who is responsible? How about the Chinese? People, wake up.

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