2014 Video Shows Fauci Calling Quarantines ‘Draconian’ Measures

If there is one thing we have seen consistently throughout this pandemic, it is that Dr. Fauci flops around more than a fish out of water.

He has changed his position on masks, schools, teachers, and lockdowns over the last few months.

Now, a 2014 video has resurfaced from the Ebola outbreak that shows Fauci has flipped on yet another position.

Draconian Measures

At the time, certain states had put mandatory quarantines in place for anyone returning from Africa, and this included volunteer healthcare workers.

Fauci was openly against taking such measures.

At the time, Fauci stated, “The best way to protect us is to stop the epidemic in Africa, and we need those health care workers — so we do not want to put them in a position where it makes it very, very uncomfortable for them to even volunteer to go.”

He would go on to say that “we have to be careful that there aren’t unintended consequences.”

He further stated, “The best way to stop this epidemic is to help the people in West Africa.

“We do that by sending people over there, not just from the U.S.A, but from other places. We need to treat them, returning people, with respect…They’re really heroes, so the idea that we’re being a little bit draconian, there are other ways to protect.”

Dr. Fauci has been one of the major supporters of lockdowns and quarantines during this pandemic, so why the sudden switch?

We should note, when he made these statements, Barack Obama was in office.

When Fauci was pushing for lockdowns and school closings, Donald Trump was in office.

Now Fauci wants to see schools reopened and business opened, and Joe Biden is in office.

If I didn’t know better, I would think that I was starting to see a trend here that political ideology might just be infiltrating the “science.”

To see Dr. Fauci’s full 2014 interview, click here.

Source: Fox News

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