30-day Probe Launched into Biden Diversity Chief

Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA), Kelisa Wing, has all but disappeared from the public eye.  

She has good reason to keep a low profile which we will get into shortly. 

News broke on Tuesday that the Pentagon now has 30 days to conduct a probe and decide what it is going to do with Ms. Wing.  

Controversial Tweets 

As happens with most people that get into trouble these days, Wing is being taken down by her Twitter account.  

She has described herself as a “woke administrator” and bashed white people regularly.  

Let me put it this way… if she were white and her comments were about any minorities, she would have already been terminated.  

Since her controversial tweets resurfaced, she has been taking a lot of heat, and she has now buried her head in the sand, and nobody has heard a word.  

Considering she is the woman that sets up educational standards for all DoD personnel, many people are interested in seeing justice drop here.  

A group of House Republicans have demanded that the Pentagon investigate her, and the Pentagon has obliged.  

Lawmakers were informed that a 30-day probe would be conducted before any action is taken.  

Anything less than termination here is unacceptable. 

This woman is a radical extremist trying to indoctrinate our children… and she must go.  

Source: Fox News