60-day Stand Down of Military Ordered by New Secretary of Defense

Our military is about to get a serious dose of the level of wokedom in this administration.

After the January 6 riot at the Capitol, military officials have their ears up over extremism penetrating our forces.

This has concerned new Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, who has now ordered a military-wide stand down for the next 60 days.

Stand Down

Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby stated that the Capitol riot served as a “wake-up call” for the entire military regarding “extremism” in the ranks.

He also referenced Secretary Austin’s recent comments, stating, “It’s got to be a leadership issue down to the lowest levels, small unit leadership all the way up to him.

“So if you consider it a leadership issue, then maybe there will be some potential solutions there to allow us greater visibility.”

Kirby also told reporters, “No matter what it is, it is … not an insignificant problem and has to be addressed.”

In my opinion, this is just a nasty insult to our warriors and completely unnecessary, but I guess we will all see as this investigation plays out.

Now I am not saying the military is free of racism, nothing is, but I highly doubt the problem is so severe that our entire military needs to be ordered to stand down for the next two months to evaluate it.

This seems more like a headline grabber to pacify the far left than a necessary exercise.

Source: New York Post & Military Times

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