POLL: 65 Percent Say Trump Taking Documents Was Wrong

Donald Trump is already at war with Fox News.

When he sees the latest poll’s results, he will have more venom to spew.

Trump is looking for empathy for taking records from the White House, and he is not getting it.

It Was Wrong

The Fox News poll found that 65 percent believe that Trump was wrong for taking the records.

A slight majority, 56 percent, also believed that the FBI was warranted in conducting the raid.

Trump’s excuse was that he thought Joe Biden would order documents destroyed that were related to the Russian collusion hoax.

That, however, does not explain why he took the defense capabilities documents.

Even among his supporters, 38 percent believe these actions were inappropriate.

Another interesting question was how Trump’s way of attacking politics is perceived.

A total of 59 percent believe that his way of discussing politics is “overheated,” with only 35 percent calling it “healthy.”

I have stated this before… I think there is Trump fatigue at this point.

I believe he would be far better served to step back and play kingmaker, allowing DeSantis to take over.

I know he will not do that, but he could be risking his entire legacy if he runs and loses to Joe Biden.

I think DeSantis wins in a romp, but it will be a nail-biter if Trump runs.

Let’s hear from you guys on this one.

With all the baggage that Trump has behind him right now, do you think Trump should still run or do you think the safer play is to allow DeSantis to run?

Source: Fox News

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79 Responses

  1. The Demcraps make me sick .and the Repub are no better they no crap .On each other and that is why nothing gets done .that is why we need to wipe out all the ones that have been in office for years and get new ones in Both we need to get rid of the Demacraps They are evil

  2. I still think Trump has more knowedge of what needs to be done to help keep us known as a country he had us going in the right direction.

  3. How do we know if the DOJ planted documents to make Trump look bad when they raided his home. This was all a sham by the democrats. Biden has ruined America Nd he needs to be impeached now.

  4. Fox needs to stop acting like a judge and jury. A judge has decided on a special master…..leave it at that……they came in June and went through every document but instead of acting respectful and professional, they treat Trump like a criminal……

  5. He has no say so if De Santis runs that’s up to DeSantis not Trump, he needs to mind his own business for a change and keep his nose out of everyone else’s business. I a hope he loses by millions, I don’t know one person that is voting for him in our neighborhood.

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