Wisconsin’s Johnson 7 Points Being Democrat Challenger

Wisconsin is about to go completely blue, which would be a disaster for Trump and Republicans.

Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) is in danger of losing his seat after two terms in office.

Johnson is trailing his Democrat opponent, current Lt. Gov. Mandela Barnes, by seven points in the polling.

What Is Going On?

Democrats have made a rather significant surge in Senate seats in the last few weeks.

Johnson was penciled in when he announced he was running for office again.

He recently commented on Social Security and Medicare spending that Democrats have zeroed in on.

The message sunk in, as this is a massive hit and could not come at a worse time.

Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) is also trailing in his race, with about a 15-point swing over the last month.

Rubio went from a high of being up 11 points to now trailing Democrat Val Demings by four points.

The scarier aspect of this is a 2024 projection. If you look at all the states where Trump candidates and Republicans are failing is in battleground states.

Rubio in Florida, Johnson in Wisconsin, Oz in Pennsylvania, Masters in Arizona, and Walker in Georgia.

If Democrats take all five of those seats, that is a big-time wake-up call for 2024 and how the presidential election will play out.

Source: The Hill

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