Oklahoma House Fire Leaves 8 Dead Inside

On Thursday, a massive fire in Oklahoma was all over the headlines.  

After the fire was out, authorities discovered eight bodies inside the home.  

This is now being investigated as a homicide.  

Suspicious Blaze 

The fire was reported around 4:00 p.m. in Broken Arrow, OK, which is just outside of Tulsa.  

Officials stated, “Preliminary reports are that this is going to be a homicide investigation. 

“We’re still focused on trying to put out the fire and also investigate what happened to these victims.” 

Broken Arrow Police Spokesperson Ethan Hutchins continued, “Understandably, this is a shock to Broken Arrow. It’s a safe city. 

“And so, we’re asking the community to please pray and come together because this is something that we don’t experience as a city very often.” 

Neighbors told police that two adults and six children lived in the home, so it would appear that all of the victims were family members living in the home.  

Police have also stated this could be an active threat and are treating it as such.  

One witness reported seeing two men and a woman outside the home just as it was beginning to go up in flames.  

She then saw a third man carrying a woman that appeared to be unconscious.  

Source: Fox News