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9-year-old Boy Shot and Killed in Another Violent Chicago Weekend

By early Saturday afternoon, the city of Chicago had once again turned into a bloodbath.

Tragically, among the 21 that have been shot so far, six have already died.

This includes a 9-year-old little boy who was apparently collateral damage to the shooters.

Another Bloody Weekend

On Friday afternoon, while most people were probably settling in to watch a movie, a mother found out her boy had been taken from her forever.

Around 6:45 p.m. local time, the boy was reportedly playing in a parking lot when a shooter approached and opened up fire.

The young boy was reportedly not the intended target but had been hit by a bullet right in the chest after the shooter started to spray bullets.

The boy was taken to a nearby children’s hospital, where he was later pronounced dead.

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There are no suspects and nobody is in custody at this time related to that case.

It Just Keeps Happening

The violence continued throughout the weekend and bodies kept falling.

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Early Saturday morning, another man was shot while inside a residence.

He was struck in the head and chest and pronounced dead on the scene.

Only minutes later, another shooting took place on North Laporte.

The report stated that two men approached a block party and opened up fire, hitting at least five people.

Thankfully, in that shooting, officers that were nearby responded to the gunfire and have the two alleged shooters in custody.

This is the violence that Mayor Lori Lightfoot continues to blame on Trump, yet she is the one that has clearly lost control of her city.

You can read the full report on NBC Chicago 5.

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