A 2016 Video is Creating More Problems for Governor Cuomo

Governor Cuomo is getting slammed with sexual harassment claims right now.

After the first was made, it did not take long for a second to come forward.

His own party members have abandoned him, but now a video from several years ago has resurfaced and it could bury Cuomo once and for all.

Mad Men Comes to Life

What Cuomo has characterized as playful banter is not being perceived as such by those that have seen the comments made by Cuomo.

This video below seems to be typical of Cuomo’s schtick…

Talk like that may have been acceptable years ago but in today’s environment, he is lucky he did not get slapped in the face.

Those that saw the video slammed Cuomo both for his comments as well as the fact his daughter was sitting right there when Cuomo said these things.

One comment stated, “It’s almost like he’s sexually harassing her in front of everybody and they’re just okay with it, probably because they’re used to it.”

Another wrote, “His daughter looks so uncomfortable! Ew!!!”

The reporter that Cuomo was talking to in the video has since come out to defend Cuomo.

The reporter, Beth Cefalu, stated, “I was not pressured/harassed this is two people enjoying the one event – the NYS fair – that gives them a little more freedom to be informal.

“It’s really sad it’s being turned into anything more.”

I would say, at no time does Cefalu look uncomfortable but as we have found out in this new environment, her opinion is the last opinion that will be considered for those that want a specific narrative to be attached to Cuomo.

You can read more about this report in the New York Post.

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My governor @GovWhitmer always has time for the limelight of the Sunday shows or a New York Times puff piece.

But when it comes to our kids’ education, she is totally absent.

America is built on the idea that we are all created equal and success is earned through honest, hard work. It isn’t built on identity, race, or religion.

The Republican Party is the party of Lincoln & the party of more opportunity for all Americans—not nativist dog whistles.

Joe Biden spent months launching baseless smears with no evidence during the campaign, and the media parroted them.

Now his own administration has undermined his claims, and near silence from the mainstream media.

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