Biden Administration Blames Trump for Not Re-Opening Schools Quick Enough, But…

Reports surfaced this week outlining the horrors the pandemic has taken on our children.

Lower testing scores, mental health issues, social development, etc.

So, the administration fell back on a tried but true narrative… blame it on Trump.

The Bad Orange Man

Republicans never wanted schools to close, period.

That is a fact.

It was Democrats that allowed teachers’ unions to make policy and not only pushed to close schools, but they also allowed the unions to keep the schools closed.

Democrats were so livid with Trump for wanting to open schools, they even took out an ad against him on this…

Yet, when Karine Jean-Pierre was asked about the damage done to children due to prolonged school closing, this was her answer…

To this date, there has never been a meaningful impact of COVID on younger children.

Studies from overseas backed this up when it was time for kids to go to school, but they remained closed because of Democrats, not Trump, not his administration, and not because of Republicans.

As a matter of fact, when Governor Ron DeSantis reopened his schools in Florida, he was sued by the teachers’ union in December 2020.

The reporter that asked the initial question should have been armed with these facts before she opened her mouth instead of allowing KJP to spew her lies and rhetoric.

Source: Daily Caller & Fox News

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40 Responses

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      1. Does this person actually believe the BS that’s coming out of her own mouth? I can’t believe people would be so stupid to believe the crap that she says. Ugh!

  2. Since Trump was elected, the only thing that Demos can think of for “their” failures is…..It is Trumps fault !!! It is always “someone else’s” fault….high gasoline- Putin’s fault, inflation – Republicans fault… get the picture. If they cannot find someone to blame, they fall back on (wait for it)…..Trump !! It must be hell to have to live with that hate for so long. I hope we don’t develop the same hate toward the present Administion.

    1. Look at obama, 2 terms and he didn’t do crap and kept blaming the entire 8 yrs about the mess he was left with! Demonicrats are just stupid & lazy.

  3. They should all be sued by the country as they are low life, liars, scum of the earth Democrats. Why do the ill informed and stupid ones continue to vote for these fleabag criminals? Is there a point of being totally ignorant of reality?

    1. Biden with the lowest approval rating got the most votes ever. Dems say it was a fair election. Even with all the evidence of fraud, the FBI does see that investigation is necessary. Remember when the FBI was digging up a septic tank in Alabama looking for a typewriter used to type label for bomb that killed Federal Judge Vance. My commode is not that big.

    2. Remember when Trump was president and economy was good? Do you remember Obumer And Biden took credit for it because they left him with a great economy? Look what is happening now folks,things suck with Biden in office n they blame Trump! Which is it demorRATS? Can’t have it both ways.

    3. Seems safe to say that most all of us have family and friends who are democrats. Are these the voters to which we are referring? Then it seems the responsibility for opening up a dialogue with them rests with us. Somehow, we need to get them past the fake news and communicate fully with them in a language they understand, using an approach that is non-divisive, and by promising an end result that is mutually developed (and is of sufficient worth to them to consider discussing or examining an end result). A simple example is where I approach my Buds and propose a party with food and drinks, if I record a game and they attend church service with me first. We can’t just sit and whine and blame others, or we are just like the other party. We have to sacrifice more than just the effort it takes to talk words.

  4. It is so easy to blame someone else for your miserable job as President, like Biden and his PR person JP, Pelosi, Schummer, Obama, Harris and all the other weird Democrats that don’t know what they are doing!!! WE THE PEOPLE KNOW THE TRUTH and you will see that in November 2022 and 2024!! GOD BLESS THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA AND ALL HER PEOPLE, BLACK & YELLOW, RED & WHITE THEY ARE PRECIOUS IN HIS SITE

  5. Interesting that Biden blames everything on Trump when he is the one doing so much damage to our country. Biden has never taken responsibility for anything when just about everything that is happening now is his fault.

  6. What an idiot. The president has nothing to do with opening close of schools. That belongs to the state

    Further it was the Aden teacher Unions that kept schools closed.

    Biden has yet to get my fact straight.

    1. If you are waiting for Biden to get facts straight you will have a very long wait as Biden doesn’t know what day it is unless someone tells him.

  7. When will Biden and his clowns accept responsibility for their own actions? They would rather lie and blame everyone else when it is so obvious that it is their own responsibility.

    1. I don’t know if I should compare Joe to Aldoph Hitler, Joseph Stalin, or William J. La Petomane (Blazing Saddles govenor)

    1. Biden will never take responsibility for anything negative but he will try and take responsibility for something good that someone else did.
      Biden is a cheater, a basket case and serial liar.
      I wonder who dresses him each morning as I bet he can’t do it himself.

  8. Every democRAT always blames everyone else for the crimes and lies they try to cover up. Remember when Bath House Barry was installed he blamed everything on Bush Jr. and now Bath House Barry and his Tranny are the best of friends. Proves again, the swamp needs to be drained.

  9. Remember a few years ago nancy p. made the statement that if you tell the
    same lie long enough they will belive it. I think her broom ran out of gas and she fell on her head.

  10. What Americans do not realize is that Democrats are NOT interested in solving problems. Their hold on power depends on keeping fear solidly in place. Therefore, they push fear, fear of environmental problems, fear of people of color (KKK, which dems founded), fear of the Japanese (internment camps under FDR, a dem), fear of diseases (the most recent developed by Fauci under Obama) and fear of rampant crime. If they solved these issues, then the fear they are hyping disappears. The dems cannot have that. It would mean they are working. They might start winning elections honestly by standing on their true record.

  11. Until the Democratic Communist Part ceases to exist will there be change.
    VOTE them out!!!
    We need term limits!
    And a check and balance system that holds them accountable
    But don’t forget some of them republicans ain’t much better, McConnell, Cheney and others

  12. Brandon is doing just what our first muslim president taught him. Blame the previous Republican administration. If it is bad, they did it. If it is good, “You didn’t do that, I did.” The party of complete corruption.

  13. Us MAGA people know the truth. This lying crook Biden didn’t win. If the MSM told half the truth maybe some of the fools in our country would wake up.

  14. Our GREAT country is in for a fall if we dont get rid of term limits, we the people should NOT have to support thousands of people on the dole???!! That is not the AMERICAN WAY,.,. And we should NOT elect idiots to be our president , not that I believe we did ..

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