Oil Prices Soar AFTER Reserves Released

Well, Joe Biden’s move to lower gasoline prices has completely backfired.

Earlier today, the Biden administration announced it was going to release 50 million barrels from the reserve.

He clearly thought prices would go down, but the complete opposite happened, dealing Biden yet another blow.

No Way, Joe

I have been adamant that I do not support this move.

The reserve is meant for true emergencies, not a way to score political points for a mess you created.

We have not even entered our coldest winter months, yet here we are tapping into emergency reserves so Biden can score political points…

What happens if we hit critical shortages around the country for heating oil as the winter continues?

What happens in the United States finds itself in an unexpected conflict?

These are reasons to tap into the reserves, not to battle a gasoline shortage you created by curbing domestic drilling.

The oil industry did not seem to even pay the news any attention, with barrel prices soaring above $82 on Tuesday morning.

Prices across the board were up by 2.5 to 3.3 percent for major oil providers.

The price may come down in the future, but by then, the intended purpose will have been too late.

Right now, people are in their cars and traveling more than ever, so this relief effort could all be for naught.

Had Biden not shut down pipelines and curbed domestic drilling, we would not even be in this mess, and we surely would not be pillaging our reserve supply.

Source: Breitbart

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26 Responses

  1. As Trump said, there wouldn’t be reserves to tap if he hadn’t made sure they were replenished. Demonrats waste every resource they can get their hands on. And our sadly physically and mentally compromised “president” caused this fuel problem the first day he stumbled into the White House, and now he thinks he can solve it? Not a chance in hades.

    1. Hey fku Biden you do not waste oil bought at 34 dollars s barrel to buy it at 98 dollars s barrel unless you are dumber than an average garden rock

      1. Biden is a whigger and thinks like a n*****, the sorry SOB can’t get anything right…anyone who voted for that clown deserves to have a few illegal aliens dropped off at their places.

      2. And with the Government’s money no less! Wait a minute, our Government doesn’t have any money! There are NO revenues bringing money into our Government … they only collect taxes, (and maybe $$ from tariffs), otherwise the government technically has no money. They, (our leaders), just decide how to spend our tax dollars.

        1. He thinks we are stupid. I see in the very near future a problem with Russia or China that will have our government blaming us for using this reserve. I see I need for that reserve this winter. Biden is in bed with Russia and China . He knows exactly what he is doing and who he is doing it to. That reserve is good for 2 days. Now we are even more vulnerable. Those who voted for him your getting what you wanted. You should not complain.

  2. At least the dumbos who voted for Joe bozo are paying for their stupidity at the pump with the rest of us. Can’t fix stupid. LET’S GO BRANDON

  3. Biden is the most ignorant and stupid SOB I have ever seen. No wonder he had people cheating for him to obtain a college degree. His Administration is as dumb as he is!

  4. Biden this Stupid SOB shut down the Pipe line put over 12000 people out of work, shut down Drilling of the oil in America of which at the time of DJ Trump we were petroleum independent. He has now created the Economy to tank thanks to his Administration and himself.

  5. All of the Dems in America including California, Oregon, Illinois, Washington State, Pennsylvania need t o be removed if we are to save America.

    1. J. Sharpton
      Let me know when you are ready to run president, I will vote for you. Oh ! don’t forget to partner up for Brandon as V.P.


  6. BiDUMB, Harris, Pelooser, Shuschmuck and the Squad to GITMO – permanently. TRUMP back to White House, then the problems will be resolved in due time and our Country can return to being reasonably normal. I am not ignoring law and order either.
    Lets do it and M A G A !!!!

  7. Just another IDIOTIC move by a person who has NO IDEA what he is doing and should have NEVER been put in the White House in the first place. What an inept stupid man he is. When will enough be enough.

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