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AG Barr Stops to Thank ‘Back the Blue’ Supporters

William Barr recently did something that has conservatives giving him a round of applause and liberals going for his throat.

Barr was apparently driving down a street when he saw a group of people outside in support of our police officers.

Rather than just driving by or giving a polite wave, Barr ordered his driver to turn around so he could personally thank them.

Back the Blue

Today, it is not often that we see people brave enough to stand out in the open and support our police officers.

It is even rarer to see a public official take some time out of his or her day to simply say, “thank you.”

This all happened, though, when Barr was driving through Virginia and spotted a “Back the Blue” group.

He reportedly told his FBI security detail, “Can we make a quick U-Turn? I want to jump out and thank those people.”

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They did turn around, and Barr got out of the car, sans mask, to thank everyone there…

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Here It Comes

Obviously, conservatives loved what Barr did, but it did not sit too well with liberals.

Everyone seemed to focus on the fact that Barr did not have a mask on, and neither did several of the protesters that Barr was in fairly close contact with.

There is also the fact that Barr was recently in contact with Rep. Gohmert who tested positive for COVID-19, so many thought he would be quarantined a bit longer before going out and about in public.

The liberal outrage, however, was not going to spoil the party for conservatives.

Barr has been a bit of a polarizing figure in this administration and has been highly criticized by both sides of the aisle.

My biggest knock against him is that he has yet to go after a big name but his explanation as to why, while I did not like it, made sense, at least for now.

Source: Right Wing Tribune

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