Pelosi Aide Tests Positive for COVID-19 After Meeting with TX Democrats

The publicity stunt by Texas Democrats continues to have massive fallout that is wrecking the Democrat Party.

The latest disaster is a member of House Speaker Pelosi’s (D-CA) team having tested positive for COVID-19.

It is rather ironic that after all Pelosi’s railing against Republicans, it is a member of her own party that has infected her office.

Keep It Quiet

You better believe the White House and Pelosi would love to keep all this quiet, but we simply cannot allow that to happen.

After Democrats made it a point to go ballistic every time a Trump official or Republican tested positive, well, the world needs to hear about how the Dems had a super spreader event at the White House that now has COVID running rampant.

I cannot help but think back to the positives after the Amy Coney Barrett reception and how the media reacted to how it is treating this outbreak, especially considering it happened because of a publicity stunt by Texas Democrats.

When asked about the infected aide, Pelosi’s spokesperson Drew Hammill stated, “The entire Press Office is working remotely today with the exception of individuals who have had no exposure to the individual or have had a recent negative test.

“Our office will continue to follow the guidance of the Office of Attending Physician closely.”

The Democrat Party was hoping to make the Texas Democrats out to be heroes, but instead, they have turned out to be a massive wrecking ball.

Source: Daily Caller

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20 Responses

      1. I agree. They eed to remove her from here office. The Jan 6 commission is a hoax she expelled Republicans from the commission who made her supreme leader. She needs to remember she works for the people and we
        will rememberit come our next election. watch the Dems fall!!

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    2. Or blame it on President Trump, we all know everything is his fault. May God bless him & the USA.

  1. Texas is showing that the States can fight back against the insanity coming from DC. We are a REPUBLIC which means the STATES should always have SIGNIFICANT POWER, NOT THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT! The people who set up this government really understood what they were doing! In my home state of Michigan our GOP majority State Congress just wrote a law doing away with the ECONOMY DESTROYING lockdown DEM Gov WHITMER ordered under the “convenient” pandemic! Michigan is back in business! The only statistical correlation between LOCKDOWNS IS WITH THE DESTRUCTION OF YOUR ECONOMY! An MIT study, so try to “debunk” that DEM morons!

  2. This is just another hoax by pelosi and her minions. She is protecting the cowards from Texas. I do not believe they tested positive. They’ve had their vaccines haven’t they? It’s all another lie just to cause more heartache and loss for the American people that pelosi and the other democrats absolutely hate. Wake up.people!!! ALL democrats need to get voted out

  3. Ho Harris, Nasty Nancy and all others who encouraged the texas dimwits to abandon their jobs, are getting exactly what they asked for. Happy covid to you! This is just the beginning, KARMA, has stepped in for you.

  4. It is past time to remove Pelosi! It is beyond comprehension, that anyone can possibly take her seriously!! Her intent has nothing to do with doing what is right for OUR country and it’s population. This is all about her, and the sick obsession she has for what she wants to create.
    This is the country of and for the people, not for some demented egoist to transform! She is showing many sign of dementia, so high time for her removal. She has gone too far!
    It took Europe too long to recognize that Hitler was demented and dangerous. Let us not make the same error. We have too much to loose, to allow one mental case to destroy OUR Country!!

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