REPORT: 12,000 Air Force Personnel Refusing Vaccine

While the majority of active-duty Air Force personnel have been vaccinated, this is a time when percentages do not tell the true story.

According to reports, slightly more than 96 percent of personnel have been vaccinated.

However, that means roughly 12,000 Air Force personnel are about to lose their jobs.

Crushing Our Military

Believe it or not, the Air Force is actually one of the smaller pockets of resistance in our military.

Even though 12,000 airmen are about to get booted, it is only a small percentage of the hundreds of thousands of military expected to be kicked out of the service in coming weeks.

Regardless, how does a branch of service deal with a sudden mass exodus of 12,000 personnel?

It has now gotten to the point the leadership throughout the military is putting extreme pressure on personnel to take the jab.

One member of the Air Force stated, “We get a lot of pressure from our commanders … and they tell you these sob stories to heavily persuade you, and it’s borderline harassment.”

The one thing that service members still do not know is what awaits them on the other side of these mandate deadlines.

Joe Biden has advocated for dishonorable discharges, but no formal decision has been made, just threats.

The Air Force will be the first branch to hit the deadline on Tuesday, so we will find out very soon just how far this administration is willing to go with our service members on this front.

If dishonorable discharges are issued, I would suspect significant pushback across the board.

Source: Breitbart

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39 Responses

  1. Well as soon as our enemies learn that we have no Air Force, marines, sailors, seems like a good time to attack a demented man that won’t know what to do.

      1. I would pay you for your effort if you could produce one. A fart would probably develop one, as well. The squatter in chief has no idea what to do about all the damage he and his puppet handlers are doing.

  2. This is part of the Socialist Agenda, imasculate and handicap the military. We will be attacked by Iran or 🇨🇳. Then the Deep State ALLEDGED military commanders will surrender to their military like the did in Afghan horrid disgrace.

  3. Hey Imbecile Joe, when you throw THOUSANDS out of all the military branches, you probably think they will go home with their tails between their legs. Think again, you old moron. These are trained fighters and they will be EXTREMELY UPSET at getting stabbed in the back by the pretend president. You can count on the fact that the numbers of members of militias will GROW SUBSTANTIALLY right after you do that. And they won’t be docile and subservient, THEY WILL BE PISSED OFF AND JUSTIFIABLY SO. REAP WHAT YOU SOW.

    1. Amen – I told my boy friend a retired med evac helicopter pilot that I’d rather die in the front lines fighting for our country than what this deranged commie and his inept good squad destroy something everyday. If jo and ho had done nothing their numbers would be good and most of the country wouldn’t be ready to revolt.

    2. Biden the brain dead, you were not even elected legally. Then, when you want to dishonorably discharge those that don’t get vaccinated you are showing disrespect to our military like no other President that I know of. You are not fit to command.

      1. You are totally correct Notalib. If anyone really needs to be dishonorably discharged is none other than that creepy incompetent thieving criminal traitor who’s illegally occupying the White House in Washington DC.

    3. Biden is doing exactly what you would expect from a President that accepted Is 1.4 billion dollars from the Chinese Communist as his son continues to do so. His administration is utter sedition against the Constitutio

  4. When I was in the military, they did not ask me what shots I wanted or didn’t want. The told us to line up. We lined up and walked through a building with people on both sides. They had medical spray guns in their hands, and as you walked by they gave you shots on both sides. Tell them to line up.

    1. This is not a normal vaccination… It’s an experiment and it can cause heart issues with men 18-28… You think you’d take a jab if you knew that before

    2. Don’t believe in freedom do you? Those vaccines you got were studied and went through trials! This poison did not! Get a clue!

    3. This so call vaccine has not been approved by the FDA, it was a vaccine that hasn’t been produced yet. Look it up.Yes we stood in line and the gave us what ever than wanted.This is a new area experimental drug. No ❗What happens to the people that took the experimental drug, once they get out. Lookwhat happen to the Tuskegee Airman, and the experimental drugs they gave them. Without telling them.

    4. Hey Jack, they were proven vaccines and other proven necessary shots.
      I was in the Military also, 36 yrs Canadian Armed Forces. Since I was past my expiry date when I immigrated to America, I Joined the NY Guard for the next 10 years. Same people, different uniform.
      I got into trouble a few times when I backed my people, or criticized policy. It may have cost me a promotion or two, but I knew that I had done the right thing.

    5. These are meant to end life, not prolong it. It’s not even a vaccine, it’s a gene modifier…….read what REAL scientists say, not the new world order flunky, fauci.

    6. No way. Time to take a stand against all the ways the government is trying to take control of our country. We are living in a different time than when you served. It’s time to quit cowing to the liberal nut jobs.

    1. Makes one think this is exactly what he is trying to do! It is time for armed citizens to defend the nation against tyrants!

    2. An attack on the US is inevitable. The combined forces we are facing is nothing even out military can be prepared for. We are going to need our military personnel here in the streets with us. And it’s going to take every last man woman and child to bare arms of we are to succeed. Russia, china, Iran, north Korea, SNL have been building their military over there last 40years in preparation. Russia is just as advanced as us, China just succeeded w with their testing and are close, Iran was secretly having North Mars do their testing so they too now have nuclear weapons. The Chinese alone or man or military 3to 1 without the walkouts. Only reason we hadn’t been engaged yet is because we are still all armed. Hence the push for gun collections.

      1. Consider what Joe Biden has done…He said, last fall, that he would destroy our country. He killed the southern wall, he has been letting terrorists in, and we have to pay all he illegals BIG money to be here. He gave our enemies 83 Billion dollars worth of our most up-to-date war fighting equipment. He has done NOTHING for our citizens, just let in hundreds of thousands of illegals and terrorists. Now, the taxpayers have to give the illegals money. Does anyone think that Biden is for our nation???

  5. Just why the hell would they call people refusing to take a vaccine that simply DOES NOT DO THE JOB muttony? Here we go again. Dictator Biden tried it on the Army, the Navy, the Marine Corps and now the Air Force. I recall a number of years ago the Oath of Allegiance for the Air Force had SO HELP ME GOD removed. 80 years ago I took the Oath of Allegiance. When discharged in 1946 I don’t recall anyone saying the oath no longer counts, and I’d be willing to bet there are a lot of those who served during WW2, and those who served in later years who feel the same. Welcome to COMMUNISM. That is exactly what we now face after a bunch of idiots voted Biden into office. There’s a good chance that because of those morons who didn’t take the trouble to look into Biden’s past and blindly voted for him, we’re now stuck in a COMMUNIST DICTATORSHIP. I really want to thank them. THANKS FOR NOTHING!

    1. Biden wasn’t voted in it was a fraud election our so called elected representatives could have stepped in and made it right but did nothing they control the FBI CIA judge’s military and when someone could have done something they sold us out wake up.

  6. BIDEN has already SOLD OUT TO CHINA, RUSSIA, UKRAINE, AFGHANISTAN, IRAN,and PAKISTAN for a few COINS OF SILVER! This guy spent over 40 years in DC, what did you expect when he was elected, THE SAME thing he did in the last 40. NOTHING!

  7. Every soldier, police officer, doctor, nurse, border patrol, fireman should walk away lay down their guns until obiden wakes up and see what the hell he is doing wrong. The whole country would want him & legs up harris out of DC.

  8. I disagree with the comment of laying down their guns and tools of trade. THAT just makes them and ALL the rest of us MORE vulnerable.


  9. Well Now, It Appears That The Conservative J R Must Have A little commie on the staff, doesn’t want to print the TRUTH!!!!!!

  10. Oath of the military is defend against foreign and Domestic tyranny. Time to start to think about it, and not let this idiot ruin our great country.

  11. Even though I have been gone for over 50 years, I am still under contract with my government to give what it takes to preserve and protect against all enemies both foreign and domestic, so help me God!

  12. Dishonorable Discharge? Well Biden , you are quite dishonorable , in fact , YOU SHOULD BE TRIED and CONVICTED of Derelection of Duty , Treason , High Crimes and Misdemeanors , and Mental Incompetence .
    ANYONE who voted for this Morally Bankrupt and incompetent “person” should be in a “FEEMA CAMP”.

  13. This is a poorly disguised POLITICAL PURGE OF OUR MILITARY! Just when we need to be unifying in support of our military, BIDEN IS DOING THIS! I cannot think of a more damaging thing he could do to our military as an arrogant CHINA seems intent on seizing all of Asia! WHAT IN THE WORLD IS BIDEN THINKING? OR IS HE EVEN IN CHARGE ANYMORE?

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