Alaska Home Raided for Pelosi’s Laptop… Only It Was the Wrong Home

On January 6, House Speaker Pelosi’s (D-CA) was reportedly stolen during the riot.  

The feds have been after it ever since and thought they had a lead, but they could not have been more wrong.  

Agents raided the home of an Alaskan couple this weekend, only it was the wrong house.  

Uhm, Try Again… 

On Wednesday, FBI agents came into Paul and Marilyn Hueper’s home, guns drawn, looking for a laptop.  

The Huepers were at the rally on January 6, but they maintain they were only there to protest peacefully and were not involved in the breach at the Capitol.  

The couple was handcuffed, separated, and interrogated for more than three hours, then they were finally released.  

As it turns out, the woman in the photo the FBI had wore similar clothing to Marilyn, but it was someone else.  

The Huepers are now considering legal action against the FBI, although Marilyn did try to find some humor in the ordeal.  

She stated, “I still think it’s funny that they want to take me as someone who was actually there (at the Capitol), instead of lost, eating hot dogs at the other end of the Mall.” 

Source: The Blaze 

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16 Responses

  1. Sometimes you have to find humor in something that is really really stupid. The FBI apparently have retired all the agents that had any brains. They go after someone because someone told them maybe he had done something wrong and then refuse to take something that could boost the FBI’s prominence, but dada Biden doesn’t want his son to get in trouble because he might be on drugs and just tell all that “the big guy” done and who “the big guy” is.

    1. Yes they did! Because they have no brains! I don’t trust the FBI! Comey McCabe, they were a disgrace! Have no faith inFBI at all! You need to investigate Nancy Pelsoi,Hunter Biden, then maybe you will get the respect of we the People!

      1. Beautifully said. They need to use a course of action against these ppl. It’s called our constitutional rights. We the ppl. This is Gods nation given to us. We the ppl own it not some con government.

      2. You are so right Lin, we need to stand up and rethink the F.B.I. , they have out lived their usefulness , at least certain parts of it ! We love you Lin !

  2. Keystone Kops at their best! I would sue them, they should have triple checked their intel, IF they had any, which is doubtful. And, someone wearing the same type of clothing is NOT cause to raid someone’s home! They should be sued and give that couple a public appology! But, we all know how THAT will go.

  3. FBI >0 ,commies >1 .the one that stole her laptop was her husbands private investigator . he thinks she is hiding money before he divorces her. PI saw an opportunity and took it . the PI told the whole story to HIGHTIMES magazine .(hmmmm sounds kinda sketchy)

  4. This is so sad to me. At one time I had confidence in the FBI, but now I don’t. Why would they need their guns drawn if they were looking for a laptop; and then handcuff them. Yes, I think they should sue the FBI. Can’t we get one honest, upstanding agency in Washington, DC?

  5. The FBI is the new KGB. A branch that used to be held in high esteem is no longer. A disgrace.

  6. Before getting into my take on this let me say this, being at the rally does not incriminate anyone. We are innocent until proven guilty. I do believe that the actions taken at the Capitol were not good.

    This action on the part of the FBI is another sad example of political use of the FBI. You would think and once expected that the FBI would have done background and surrounding investigations on the persons and who know them, before they act without enough information. Some information they might want to know could be if these persons were even at the Capitol. With out enough information, you have to develop ways to eliminate suspects. They know this. Other info could be to see if the names (the couple) are coming from political sources. It is just that last mentioned area where my gut feeling is regarding this act. In general motivations of political people or even what political people say, should not influence any investigation whether it be law enforcement, historical, financial, scientific, medical, and yes, even Spiritual matters. I thought the FBI wanted to know the truth and be trusted. Instead they seem like they are becoming a political policing apparatus for autocratic enforcement.

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