Alleged Gaetz Blackmailer Admits to Asking for Cash

The scandal surrounding Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) just took a rather interesting turn.

Gaetz has maintained throughout that the entire thing is nothing more than an attempted shakedown of his family.

Now, the man who has been accused of trying to extort $25 million from the Gaetz family has come forward with a bit of a shocking admission.

I Did Ask for the Money

Bob Kent is a former Air Force intelligence officer who claims he is trying to help former FBI agent Robert Levinson.

Levinson is widely believed to be dead, having disappeared in Iran in 2007.

Kent, however, says he is alive and needs $25 million to help secure his release, which is where the Gaetz family comes in.

Kent swears he was only trying to do a little quid-pro-quo to help Gaetz out of this public relations nightmare.

He stated, “I explained that in no way am I trying to extort him and that if he decides not to help us, he’ll never hear from me again.

“Matt Gaetz is in need of good publicity, and I’m in need of $25 million to save Robert Levinson.”

He continued, “I never threatened the man — matter of fact, it was the opposite: I told him if he decides not to help us, he’ll never hear from me again.

“I can’t help how it sounds.”

The Washington Examiner, however, obtained documents that offer a bit of a different narrative.

In what Kent is calling “Project Homecoming,” the document presented to the Gaetz family states, “Our strategy for Congressman Gaetz to mitigate his legal, and political, troubles would be for him, or someone else, to arrange for the funds required to obtain the immediate release of Robert Levinson from captivity in Iran.”

Now, I don’t know about you, but that sure sounds like a very cleverly worded blackmail attempt.

A former DOJ official, however, has stated that one has nothing to do with the other.

The Washington Post reported the former DOJ official stated, “It’s a blatant attempt to distract from the fact that he’s under investigation for sex trafficking of minors.”

Gaetz continues to deny the allegations that he was involved with an underage girl or that he paid for sex in any way.

Source: New York Post

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39 Responses

    1. I am sure if this guy would had gone to the Biden family he would had DEFINITELY GOTTEN THE MONEY to stay quiet.

        1. Lol, that is more the Clinton’s solution but I am sure that the Biteme family have learned from them.

    2. You obviously do not know what you are talking about. Matt Gaetz is not or never was a Rhino? Just another Democrat swamper with TDS and no cure/vaccine.

      You should be talking about the real Rhinos like Mitt Romney, Liz Cheney and the others who sided with the Democrat swamp for political and personal gain!
      Matt has more American Patriot on one finger (middle) than the whole Democrat party. We need to round up all of the liars and fake news and put them on a slow leaky boat to China.

  1. Lol, I find it very funny that the Press is saying that Gaetz was involved in child traffic but what he is actually accused of is being with a 17 year old which I doubt he did. Just another attempt to smear a Republican.

    1. exactly, even if he was with a 17 year old, she didn’t come forward that i have read about. they want gaetz out, he doesn’t take their crap.

      1. True, a trump supporter that doesn’t get paid off like the d.c. swamp does. A must go situation so they can continue to eliminate any,all that will expose there corruption. And yet if it goes to trail, he should have it moved to California, the state that has laws to protect the true petifiles. Not the victims.

    2. They Are Reflecting From The Scum Bag Low Life Hunter Biden They Need And Should Be Going After.. You Reallt Think A Crack Head Like Him Could Really Help Those Countries That Hired Him With His Brain… No But His Political Influence Sure Did With Corrupt China Doll Joe!!

      1. Haaaaaaaahahahaha!!! You are incredibly blinded by your hatred of President Trump. So sad for idiots such as yourself.

      2. How the hell did he smear the republican party moron. He united the republican party more than any past president since Regan. Just take a good hard look at what is happening in our country now. And you libertards voted for a stage 3 dementia laden pedophile that is destroying our country that never came out of his basement, where he belongs. And this election was clearly stolen better wake up !!!

        1. dan, Trump did smear a few Republicans in name only (RINO)and rightfully so because they stood with the Democrats who were trying to impeach him with false charges which was proven to be a lie.
          My take is Trump is neither Republican or Democrat, rather a Populist who we needed to bring common sense back to the Capitol. He is a business man and knew more about how a country should run than the politicians in Congress and proved it.
          I believe we have a crisis happening now because the Democrats have control of Congress and we don’t seem to have any department of our government to turn to for help and I consider now corrupt; even our Supreme Court with Chief Justice Roberts making some questionable decisions.

    3. 16 , is street legal in DC .so now you need a Stateline to cross ?there all lawyers ,probably build a pretty good smear job . what dems do we know has access to baby twisters in the dnc ? Hillary ? podesta bros. ?Any of the epstine frequent flyers ? Someone in that Bunch of perves could find a seventeen year old , probably promote some phoney testimony too either with threats or cash , a good threat , no sweat ?

  2. I heard he was participating in a sting operation with the FBI and was trying to bring down the DOJ person, who then called the newspaper and leaked the story, ruining the sting operation

  3. They want Gaetz out of the way because he won’t back down! So—- smear him any way they can. Typical demonrat strategy. Gaetz will prove his innocence, the demonrats will again have egg on their faces!

  4. may dems be sent to their father the devil. KEEP AMERICA FIRST AND BRING BACK OUR REAL PRESIDENT !!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Don’t care if Mr Trump is a con man, (which I don’t believe), at least I had more money in my pocket and lower prices at the gas pump.

  5. Maybe Bob Kent should do the same thing to either Hunter Biden or President Dementia Sleepy Joe Biden like someone else mentioned that he would have had better chance with them. Hunter could have either gone to China or Burisma oil company the he was on the board of.

  6. It always turns out being another insidious , evil plot to smear a real American , per the NWO agenda goals of the criminal democrats .

  7. Nazi gestapo democrats will say and believe
    Anything that helps their Furher Biden

    Welcome to Biden concentration camp
    Sig Hiel

  8. The Dems fabricate more lies than a herd of mice have babies!! They want to take down anyone who stands up to the woke mob! Hang in there Matt G. If they are going after you it is apparent they are scared of you!! Eventually they cannot remember all their lies and will simply implode!! THE SOONER THE BETTER!

  9. Single mom makes 4 billion dollars through govt grants by eating fried chicken and being useless troll….ask me how!

  10. Election fraud. Runs rampant in this country. Has probably been going on longer than we think. Probably with George Bush Sr. Ask the Central Intelligence. Wait! April fools. Ask the NSA.

  11. I can’t wait until the day when ALL these slime ball politicians get what’s coming to them !!! It’s time for the descent GOD loving actual American citizens to take back OUR country and make the rest of these Commie sons of dogs pay for what they have tried to do to us with their chink virus and election fraud, just to mention a few of their repulsive schemes !!! LIBERAL DEMOCRATS ARE THE SCUM OF THE EARTH AND DESERVE NOTHING BUT CONTEMPT AND THE DEATH PENALTY FOR WHAT THEY HAVE TRIED TO PULL ON THE WORLD !!!

  12. Is this another one just like Kavanaugh’s false allegation. Get paid to lie to destroy somebody’s life maybe another infrastructure of the democrats definition.

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