Alleged MS-13 Gang Member Arrested at Border

One bad guy getting across the border is one too many, but that is not how Democrats see things.

Ever since the election, they have taken to the narrative that if is not widespread, it is not a problem.

They did this earlier when two terror watch list occupants were caught at the border and they will surely do the same thing now that an alleged MS-13 gang member has been caught.

Got Him!

What we know so far is that the illegal immigrant is a 28-year-old from El Salvador, but officials have not yet released his name.

He was caught trying to get over the border with five other men when Customs and Border Patrol apprehended the group early Wednesday afternoon.

After being apprehended, the men reportedly told CBP agents they had entered the country illegally, at which point they were brought to a nearby processing station.

Upon processing, the agents found that one of the men was a “documented MS-13 gang member.”

Chief Patrol Agent Aaron Heitke stated, “I’m proud of the great work by our agents arresting this gang member.”

As brutal as MS-13 is, we are thankful this individual was caught before he could enter the country and get lost within out borders to carry out the heinous crimes the gang is known for.

This is the type of arrest that Democrats will never openly applaud, however, as they believe that because this is not “widespread,” which in their eyes means every illegal immigrant, it should not even be recognized publicly.

Source: New York Post

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44 Responses


    1. YOU ARE SO RIGHT!!!!!!! ARTICLE-25 Anyone???*** They had NO PROBLEM trying to do it to OUR REAL PRESIDENT, TRUMP!

        1. Let’s audit their lives and see how they survive their life style with their pay check. Go back 5 years on income

    2. Kudos to the border patrol so let see what the present administration will do about it. God bless

    3. Billy – although I am considered a “doom & gloom” person many times…you have out done me…What you say is not true. I worked as “support personnel” in the DC area and government agencies, for many years. Not ALL federal workers and appointees are what you say… THAT being said – a majority are convinced they are the “chosen” people. Like most people, they feel they are correct in their beliefs…aren’t we all?! Please don’t belittle others’ ideas or thoughts – that is what makes our country great – the “safety factor” for the “government” granting us the right to our own opinion. Then too, we MUST get people to be INFORMED voters! AND have good choices running for offices.

    1. Unfortunately, all of the unconstitutional crap the corrupt DC lowlifes, including the fraud in the WH have been getting away with, is going to lead to a civil war!, I believe!

    1. I am so damn tired of this bull sh–. Fox and two others prove daily that these people have rules for them and different for us. But nothing happens to them, what the hell can be done about this. If the Republicans, take back both the house and senate in 2022, can they then reverse all this crap Biden is putting out? But if they do get rid of McConnel, Romney, and the rest of that never Trumpers, will the rest take the message and at least put Hunter in Jail.

    2. Absolutely. A presidential Executive Order cannot legally violate or change the Constitution. It is TREASON from a Dictator! Time to put and end to this subversion and violation of the Constitution. Arrest them all that have voted for this and Bidden for being a dictator and committing Treason. Where is the DOJ to enforcing the laws concerning treason and letting a E.O. be issued which is not legal and blatantly violated the Constitution? Probably in criminally in league with them as is the FBI.

    3. You are right .. Don Hill. For, it’s become evident that all of what We .. the common US American people have been getting (for several decades now) from the majority of them dead beat politicians in Washington, D.C., amounts but to nothing other than our being, literally, scammed .. taken for fools. And this, coming from the majority of parasites, cowards and traitors presently found in them 3 branches of “our” so called government. As to why it appears that there’s not one single soul in Congress (or inside the corporate media, or anywhere) brave enough to dare call truth to power, and do the “honorable” thing and try stopping such treachery from continuing .. my guess is ’cause they .. the whole lot of deadbeat pukes are all in it

      1. Time for us to March on DC and their neighborhoods and make it known that that work for and not against us. Their towns would love it for them to move out

  2. Take him and hang him to show the rest of the gang members that this is going to happen to them.Maybe they will think twice before they do.If we don’t they will keep on doing what they have been doing.Destroying other people’s property.They have already told us that’s what they are going to do.What else do we need.

    1. I agree they should all be hung at the Capital at High Noon so all of the countries can have live news on what will happen to the rest of them Of course Sleepy Joe would stop it and his Brother the former Pres.Muslim.

      1. Well .. robert, I guess that any and all of them treasonous frauds whom also betrayed their oath of office/duty .. those deserve to hung too. Aren’t you tired of all them charlatans and thieves who still claim that they “represent and serve” our people and Nation .. yet, continue to lie, to cheat, and to steal from ALL of US ?. Now, ALL those pigs do deserve to hung high.

      2. I think the military will stand behind us and drop the floor as they hang or line up on the a wall for target practice Traitors can be treated this way

    2. We need people in D.C, to do what they are paid for. They got the best welfare program on earth. Do nothing and get all kinds of bennies and money for doing it. Kerry preaches a green new world, them he and Pelosi fly around in a private jet. And they talk about taking my gun, then we pay for them to have armed guards. God, I’m done.

      1. If we don’t pay our taxes they will starve but have to stop printing more money for 3 months and keep them out of restaurants etc

  3. THANKs to ALL BORDER PATROL Agents !!!! And the Country could sure use MANY More of them !!!
    And FINISH the WALL that TRUMP started, and that BiDUMB cancelled !!! Now I see on the News, that BIDUMB wants the Wall finished; Probably so HE can Take Credit for IT !!! Has BIDUMB EVER had an original thought in his entire life ??? Probably NOT !!!

  4. Well that just sucks! Did anyone give Kamala a ring so she can bail his butt out of jail? How about they call Pelosi so she can get him a stimulus check or call Biden so that they can fast track him to citizenship and work for good ole Joe?

  5. We have had thousands of men & Women die in all of the that we have had protecting your Bill of rights and our nations Constitution, don’t let their deaths go for nothing. Stand and do your turn protecting your families rights, and liberty’s

  6. Thank you Tickedoff for reminding those who have never lost a loved one in military service while fighting to preserve freedom for all including these low lifes like Hunter, Joe, Pelosi, Harris, Schumer are getting filthy rich from taxpayer money.These men/women giving their life were doing what this country ask of them. They fought for best country in world and not for the cureent Atholes to screw it away.

    1. As I said before how many of them served this country in the fighting military and not in the reserves

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