America Fights Back Against Joe Biden – Read Here…

The amount of Americans that disprove of Joe Biden’s ultra-divisive anti-MAGA speech a few weeks ago has been revealed:

The majority.

Specifically, Breitbart is claiming that a Harvard poll has confirmed the previous findings of other polls. The “Dark MAGA” speech wasn’t good for America.

Over 55% of Americans opposed the speech. That means well less than half disproved of what our President did.

Just like everything else he gets his hands on.

“MAGA Republicans do not respect the constitution,” Biden said that night. “They do not believe in the rule of law, they do not believe in the rule of law, they do not recognize the will of the people.”

“MAGA forces are determined to take this country backwards. Backwards to an America where there is no right to choose. No right to privacy. No right to contraception. No right to marry who you love. They promote authoritarian leaders and they fan the flames of political violence.”

To read more about this story, click on the source here.

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37 Responses

  1. What more is it going to take before the majority wake up to the reality of Satan’s rule of planet earth, all his minions are now in place and ready to unleash the great tribulation upon us all. Stop deriding Jesus Christ get on your knees and repent of your going along with ungodly system now in place.

      1. It has EVERYTHING to do with the Satanists that are pretending to run this country! Where did you come from, Epstein Island?

      2. The sad situation our once great Republic is in has everything to do with the rejection of God and His Word, from your own disparaging words, to immorality, crime, civil and government corruption, incipient tyranny, civil unrest, disease, and war. It’s tragic you like a progressive intentionally deny that.

        It’s people like you who either favor the chaos or oppose ending the suffering for your own diabolical means. It’s my hope you have a Saul type experience child.

  2. Lets face it, the left , Joe Biden , his Administration & the Dem. Party are going ape-s— for a one-party -rule and the American people better heed the wake-up call and vote to take this country back and get it going in the right ( NO PUN INTENDED) direction or we are going to. be calling Biden. ” Hale Hitler Biden ” or King Biden. You want a free America & our Constitution then “”””FOR GODS SAKE VOTE THESE EVIL ONES OUT OF OFFICE “

  3. Biden described exactly what President Biden and the Democrats are doing to this country. Democrats do not believe in the rule of law, no free speech, no choices for you only them. Vote them out of office.

  4. Us “MAGA’s will VIOLENTLY defend the American way, the FLAG, and the REPUBLIC for which it stands AGAINST all enemies WITHIN, and WITHOUT! (including those with “presidential powers”, but no LOVE for the AMERICAN WAY,AND IT’S FLAG!!!


  6. It DOES NOT matter what political party you are a part of. If YOU DO NOT believe & live by GOD’s Law, YOU will die & spend eternity in Hell. Christians can only pray for your soul, BUT IT IS YOUR CHOICE.
    Use WISDOM in your choice.

  7. Why should one or two states be responsible for millions of migrants ,because of a ..h..le Biden. He nor his cronies want them. That’s why their pulling that crap about kidnapping. I have never seen a president that is more concerned about ruining someone than doing good for the country !!

  8. I don’t know what the heck is wrong with the top Democrats! They have turned this country upside down.
    First of all they are not Democrats. They are Marxists, Communists or whatever. Most of them are lining their
    own pockets and don’t give a dam about the hard-working citizen. Most politicians are very wealthy and never
    worked an honest day in their lives! Some start out with good intentions, but soon end up with lining their
    pockets with bribes. If all the outrages monies spent in these elections was given for the good of the country
    and it citizens we wouldn’t have so much poverty and hate. We need to have limits on money spent by these
    guys and time limits in office. Some of these people are older than sin making laws for the nation.

  9. Every thing that Democrats accuse others of is exactly what THEY are guilty of!! Americans need to wake up to the fact that Dems believe that they are better than (elitist) you are and that they want a one world order with them being in charge of everyone and everything. They are willing to lie, cheat, deceive, steal or do any vile thing that you can possibily imagine to anyone who stands in their way of achieving this. Their “green new deal’ is just one example of this. Vote these vile and EVIL people out of office ASAP and don’t vote for another Democrat until you have proof that they have changed their wicked ways!!!!! I am an indenpendent who intends to vote against them in the next election.

    1. Good for you, Sandra! I am an independent who intends to do exactly the same! It is really ironic that two of the top Democrats who are running our beloved country are Catholics, who have established the most anti-Christian administration in our history! We need to pray as if everything depended on prayer and work as if everything depended on work!

  10. Haveyou noticedwhen JB&crew dosomething outrageous, theysneak something underhandedintheir nextbreath? It’s like a 1-2punch. Now that we are awakening, howaboutdoingrecallpetitions.Wecanclean the swamponbothsides andgetridof thegreedyselfserving people whoaregettingricher offthebacks oftaxpayers andnotdoing anythingbut aidinginthedestruction oftheus. Letsabidebyour constitutionandrebuild intothegreatcountry weoncehad.

  11. Americans should not have to “fight” with their president. Just the thought intimates that something is very, very wrong. Biden has to be taken out and this includes the entire Biden administration, a toolbox of sycophantic psychotics executing orders from the “shadows.” Whoever takes this step will go down in history as a second father of America.

  12. The speech and his body movements was from an EVIL and DANGEROUS MADMAN, that was following in HITLER’S FOOTSTEP.

  13. Since Joseph Biden was elected, I started smoking crack. That way I am immersed in a very high cloud of smoke and I cannot see what is going on around me. It is the best method of forget and ignore the tremendous damage that this confused movie star is inflicting to the
    USA society that is considered semi-fascist by the White House playwriters.

  14. You are talking to a wall because the other community’s want all the free stuff that the dam Democrats say they will get keeps them voting for people like idiots Biden Obama Clinton’s Pelosi Schumer Barr Sanders. Quit comparing about it and do something about it vote the Democrat out of office.

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