Majority of Americans Hit by Inflation Blame Biden

For the last few weeks, Joe Biden has been blaming everyone but himself for the rising inflation in this country.

He has even blamed inflation on the American people, but now the people are having their say.

A whopping 77 percent of those surveyed are placing the blame for their financial woes on Joe Biden.

Hey, Joe, Fix It!

The reality is that Joe Biden’s policies have been THE major contributor to our current inflation problems.

Some measure of inflation would have happened regardless due to the pandemic, but shutting down pipelines, curbing domestic drilling, and out-of-control spending are all much more significant factors.

The oil issue alone has a trickledown effect extending to thousands of different areas directly impacting our economy.

As Joe Biden points the finger everywhere but inward, the American people are now saying enough.

As mentioned above, 77 percent are now telling Joe Biden to flip those thumbs inward.

Additionally, just over half the people surveyed in the Yahoo/YouGov poll stated they are worried about having enough money to even get the things they need during the holiday season.

So, you can understand their frustration when Joe Biden says his policies are working and Americans have more money in their pockets than ever before.

These problems go across party lines, as 69 percent of Democrats, 90 percent of Republicans, and 79 percent of independents believe the current inflation issues will have “some” or a “great deal” of impact on their lives.

Still, however, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki mocks the idea of rising prices, citing that the average price of a 20-pound bird has gone up by $1.

Now, I am not sure what they put out in Jen’s house, but there are considerably more products to buy other than the bird.

While $30-$50 added to the grocery bill may not be much for Jen to bite off for a holiday dinner, that is bill money for others.

So, keep laughing it off, Jen, and you will laugh Republicans right into the White House in 2024.

Source: New York Post

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14 Responses

  1. Fuming? How can a guy fume when he doesn’t even know were hes at or what to say. Not even sure he knows where the bathroom is.

  2. All of the Demorats should not only rot in Hell, but they all should be tried for Treason. Biden and his entire family and every Demorat involved in lining their pockets including the Pelosi Family, Schumer, Soros should have their bank Accounts emptied and put back into the Federal Budget.

  3. Joe isn’t fuming because he doesn’t care he’s putting all the money in his pockets theology was great before he got in the office because PRESIDENT TRUMP made the economy great created jobs instead of taking jobs away like Joe blow is doingvour country was safer with PRESIDENT TRUMP because the Southern border was secured we need President Trump back as of a year ago November 3rd

    1. Be reminded that Biden is being told how good things are. Or at least that things are not too bad. With all these years being paid by the Fed for nothing plus the graft he has piled up, Biden does not know how inflation impacts the average person nor does he care.

  4. The average price of a turkey has gone up $1? Really? Perhaps in her mind, but turkeys have increased 24% in price, IF you can get one because of supply chain issues.

  5. The democrats don’t care about the people because they will have a great holiday season because we the Americna people gave them the money so we can go with out. You can bet they will have the biggest turkey on the market and there will be tons of presents under their trees while they sit laughing at us the people who put it all there for them. we go with out so they can have more.

  6. Thank you King Obama !!!!!!!!! Our country was running rather WELL under President Trump, but when King Obama’s THIRD term started, his HATRED for ALL THINGS TRUMP set his destructive plans in motion !!!!!!!! Using the “VILLAGE IDIOT” as his front man, he opened up our borders and started bringing in hundreds of thousands of illegals and their diseases !!! Didn’t test them or vacs them and spread them around the country to spread the CHINA VIRUS when we were showing progress !!!!!!!
    He destroyed our energy independence, destroyed our economy, Our national security is a JOKE now, BUT we are attacking parents and calling them Domestic Terrorists while sucking up to China AGAIN, and showed the world how weak and feckless our country is under Democrat control !!!!! NO ONE fears us anymore and they are laughing at us more and more every day !!!!!!!! So the “VILLAGE IDIOT (O’Biden) is not really to blame for inflation !!!!! It is his PUPPETEERS that should also be held responsible !!!!!!!!!!

    1. absolutely true, kerry. and my wallet requires a 25%greater imput to buy the same food at the grocery—and that doesn’t include the 50% more for the gas to get to the grocery—lets go, brandon !!!!!

  7. democrats lied and cheated their way into power, so they could line their pockets and push their sickness on everyone. I hope those who believed their lies and voted for them are proud of themself.

  8. You are destroying America and trying to punish her people’ you have no authority to even think you have the right to do the traitorous things you have done and are trying to do! In my opinion!

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