CNN Anchor Brian Stelter Released by CNN

One of the worst journalists in modern TV is gone.

CNN’s Brian Stelter just had his show canceled.

According to reports, this weekend will be the final broadcast of “Reliable Sources,” and Stelter will be leaving the network.

Try Telling the Truth

Over the past six years, Stelter might have well had DNC stamped on his forehead.

He pushed whatever narrative the Democrats wanted to be pushed and did it with a smile.

CNN was already hurting in viewership, but Stelter crashed and burned over the last year.

He was down more than 40 percent in a key demographic and almost 30 percent overall.

Stelter did not lob any bombs going out the door, but he still has one show left.

He has been a backstabber his entire career, so I am sure that once he lands on his feet somewhere else, and someone will surely pick him up, he will start to lob bombs at CNN.

The only story I am interested in hearing from him is the Cuomo story, though.

That situation never sat well with him; he always seemed to be holding something back.

We will know soon enough.

Source: Fox News

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