Anti-Trump KILLER Speech Shocks America – Here’s What You Need To Know

Tim Ryan recently shocked America.

He was giving a speech, and during that speech he revealed who he thought was responsible for the El Paso shooting:

Donald Trump.

Despite America being the safest it’s been in recent memory under President Trump and crumbling under Joe Biden, Ryan still felt the need to attack the MAGA leader.

Not only that, he says he needs to “kill” the entire MAGA movement.

“I’m saying he has created an environment in the United States that is absolutely toxic,” Ryan began.

“I’m not taking a leap. I’m telling it like it is. I’m telling you exactly how I see it. I’m sorry it’s the case and I’m sorry it may cut against somebody’s political beliefs and they may agree with Trump’s political philosophy, which is fine. If there is one, it’s fine. I’m talking about him creating an environment of intolerance in the United States. Instead of ‘out of many one,’ He divides us. You know it and everybody else that pays a little bit of attention understands that this is his M.O. This is what he does.”

Despite all of these beliefs, Ryan has not been able to explain why he wants Bernie Sanders to be let off the hook.

If you’ll remember, in 2017 a Sanders supporter carried out a mass shooting against Republicans.

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