AOC Breaks Down on House Floor After Iron Dome Funding Passes

There are few people I know that object to the United States helping to fund the Iron Dome to keep Israel safe from terrorist attacks.

There are fewer yet in Congress.

That number is actually 11 in the House, and most of them are members of AOC’s Squad.

Crushing Blow to Progressives

The Squad all rejoiced when they were able to get the funding removed from a budget bill, but the funding was put on the floor in a standalone bill.

The vote… 420-9, with two presents.

A total of 11 in the House objected to the bill and when it passed, AOC broke down in tears because she was so upset that Israel will live to fight another day…

Ironically, AOC was one of the two House members that voted present, since she was apparently too afraid to have a firm “no” attached to her name (she was initially a no, then changed her vote to “present” right before the vote was finalized).

This woman and her entire Squad are an absolute disgrace, and they must be voted out of office in 2022.

Their loyalties lie with freeloaders and illegal immigrants, no one else.

Source: Fox News

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9 Responses

  1. what do anyone expect from a person that is so full of hatred?

    parasite? went from bar attendant to congress woman

    supported by the other democrats that hate Israel? jesus, and jews

    lier, traitor not education but only using the poser that people have given her to destroy other people

    this will not be published because my thoughts are not up to the very high standard or the truth

    1. I agree with both of you. I always thought that maybe she should stop being so Vocal until she learns the truth.
      Obviously she has not learned that being loud and obnoxious is not the way to get things done. She should have kept her mouth shut when she should have taken some lessons on learning how to ride a horse that the rider was not whipping the people under the bridge. People that are knowledgeable about riding a horse explained the scene. Neither Biden, Harris or half of the Congress had any idea what was going on. Your right Mina she seems to jump on the Band Wagon of every one in Congress just to get her name and face on here!! I don’t think much of her. She appears to be a know it all. We have enough of those in Congress. We lived through Obama and that was more than enough for me. She can’t claim she is that innocent in some of the things she has done. She has paid her husband and been acting dumb about all kinds of things. Well Congress won’t censure her which they should do. If she was from my State of Colorado, I would be burning up the emails to her every single day.

  2. Voters in her district must be just like her, stupid, evil, and narcissistic if they don’t vote to remove her. I mean they call what she’s doing and has done leadership for OUR AMERICA????? Get real… do you really want to become a communist???

  3. the people who put her in there are the criminals !!! her and squad and what her name (like she calls trump) should be in jail for are criminals…why why why are the democrats never punished for their crimes.? some day they will
    stand before the almighty God and I pray he says “GO TO HELL”

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