AOC Charges MTG with ‘Verbal Assault’

Things sure are getting interesting on the Hill these days.  

Rep. Ocasio-Cortez, who has literally called Republicans terrorists, is now charging Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene with verbal assault.  

To make things even more interesting, Speaker Pelosi (D-CA), who has said nothing about AOC’s outbursts and controversial comments about Republicans, is considering a probe into MTG, more than likely with the end game of having her censured or ousted from office.  

Long History 

AOC and MTG have a little bit of history well before Greene ever took an oath of office.  

Back when MTG was an activist, she stopped by the halls of Congress to pay AOC a visit, only AOC would not open her door.  

The video you are about to see has been described by some journalists as an attack against AOC… 

The two recently had another exchange, where MTG accused AOC of supporting “terrorist” groups, called her a “radical socialist,” and accused her of not caring for the American people. 

Even though that is a pretty accurate description of AOC, the tough New Yorker ran to Momma Pelosi to complain about the “verbal assault” that was unleashed against her.  

Pelosi took the bait, stating“It’s so beyond the pale of anything that is in keeping with bringing honor to the House [of Representatives],” she said, calling it “a matter for the Ethics Committee.” 

That is pretty funny because I have heard Pelosi say far worse things about Trump and other Republicans. 

Pelosi continued, “This is beneath the dignity of a person serving in Congress,” adding that it was “a cause for trauma and fear among members.” 

AOC added, “I used to work as a bartender. These are the kinds of people that I threw out of bars all the time.” 

Well, if she was capable of defending herself at the bar, then why is she creating so much drama at the Capitol over a few harsh words? 

Political theater, my friends… it is what Democrats do best.  

Sources: BBC, Politico, & The Hill 

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25 Responses

  1. Below the dignity of their office. Let’s get out all the comments made by Pelosi, AOC, Omar and Raschid. Put Pelosi in prison for the rest of her life for treason. And numerous other indignant comments and as for the other three revoke their citizenships and send them to the hell holes they represent. They are disgusting POS!!! We are tired of these idiots!

    1. Correct! Pelosi is a traitor to our country and should be indicted and sent to GITMO along with a host of others. And for Heaven’s sake get rid of those corrupt DOF, CIA and FBI people. FIRE THEM. Keep the lower level and fire everyone appointed by or hired during the corrupt admins like Obama, Drain the Swamp!

  2. The truth hurts, bug eyed AOC. Turtle neck should keep her mouth shut, if the repercussions hurt her feelings, oh I forgot turtle neck is not immune to insults . She can send but not receive.

  3. Then they have to go after Swalwell after his last rant on top of sleeping with a spy. These people are not what we Americans deserve to have represent us. Disrespectful, arrogant, and uncouth. God we need a whole new congress. This is like kids on a play lot.

    1. Boy are you right Granny. Let’s hope they didn’t raise their kids that way. Oh, I forgot, some of them did!

  4. Pelosi did worse when she tore up President Trump’s
    State of the Union speech.
    AOC needs to realize that she needs to grow up every person in Congress she has bad mouthed. The green deal is hers. It is going to bankrupt USA.
    The USA has functioned this long without the AOC needs to stop
    baiting other Congress and Senate members. I was taught if you can’t say anything nice, do not say anything.

  5. Swallwell, Feinstein both had years with Chinese spies. One sits on the Intelligence committee. The other a lifelong senator. Cuomo and Whitmire are being investigated for their murdering nursing home patients. She should shut her bloody mouth . I am sure her ripping up President Trump SOTU speech was not responsible behavior.

  6. Time to go
    Back to bar tending –
    She is all
    Mouth especially when cameras
    Running -‘who is pulls
    Her strings
    Another Biden administration puppet!!!

    1. Bought , paid for , and financially kept since her first campaign by George Soros, the ultimate Communist. Fact.

  7. They’ll gets whats coming to them sooner or later…always does and I can’t wait!!!

  8. Only free speech, for nazi gestapo Hitlers little brother, ……chancellor Hier Biden…….
    Sig Hiel

  9. Aww, the poor little twit had her hurt when she was called out in public and was humiliated. She can dish it out but she can’t take it. Typical Democrat what as to resort to name calling or false accusations when they can’t honestly address the issues. MTG is trying to set up a debate with AOC. She’s wasting her time. AOC will not agree to a debate because she can’t honestly defend that rubbish piece, the Green New Deal. For MTG, it trying to match wits with an unarmed person.

  10. AOC is about as much a boucner as Pelosi is a street fight. I was raised in her part of Baltimore. Had a few street few in my youth. Even a few in Federal Hill Park. Never saw her at any of them. Come to think about it never saw her anywhere in South Baltimore.

  11. The only thing AOC is qualified to do is act like a Karen and clean the toilets in bars. She’s a deplorable racist bully and has the intelligence of a garden slug.

  12. Agree with all posts! Aoc is a big mouthed cry baby, she starts an argument then cries foul! Typical mean girl bully who needs a real dressing down! She should not be in our congress, she should be ousted for trouble making, and her anti Semitic statements. She is a bigot!!!!

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