AOC Makes Stunning Family Announcement

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, progressive New York congresswoman, has announced she will be getting married to her longtime boyfriend Riley Roberts.

Ew. That’s gross.

What does he see in her?

AOC? A Wife?

The congresswoman met her fiancé in college at Boston University.

AOC, 32, has acted out of character on social media recently as we haven’t really heard from her.

It’s been nice and quiet.

“Just wanted ot check in. I had a health issue sidelines for the last week or two (don’t worry, it wasn’t COVID and I’m fine now), but it was right when a series of major events happened,” Ocasio-Cortez wrote in an Instagram story.

Nice of you to check in, AOC, but we were doing fine without your noise.

What do you think about AOC getting married?

Share your thoughts below.

Source: Fox

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93 Responses

  1. I have no concern or care about her personal life. She sure is not fit to fill a government job where she works for the peole. Hope she gets booted out.

  2. Marriage won’t last!! Too bad he’s as ignorant as the “it” he’s marrying. He will regret very soon! They deserve each other!!

  3. I am of the unpopular opinion that AOC actually is physically very beautiful but has a terrible personality and is way too stupid to be a member of Congress. She should’ve remained a bartender

  4. It appears that she may have learned something from other members of the Squad, get married and pay your husband an obscene salary from her committee funds.

  5. Lol. Love the responses!!!! So funny. Who really cares about her personal life. She. Reds to go away!

  6. I happen to think AOC is a bright young woman and I congratulate her upon getting engaged. I wish them happiness. Remarks above indicate that so many are not able to accept intelligent women. Get over it. They will continue to come.

  7. Oh no…what Will the Republicans do now that she will be married and they won’t have a chance to sleep with her! Buahahaa

  8. Love is so grand…even between an upright person and one bent over a table. Trust he see’s the truth in time and walks away…but then, can you picture what they may produce?

  9. Anyone want to make a bet as to how long this twit will stay married?! I think 1 year, if that! She is too much a primadonna to have to share with anyone! What a Doofus this guy must be!

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