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AOC Mocks Cruz, but Cruz Lands the Knockout Punch

While I have always had a somewhat mixed opinion about Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), there is no denying the man’s intelligence.

So, when Rep. Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.), a woman who largely depends on yelling and emotion to make her point, decided to square off against Senator Cruz in a recent Twitter feud, it was like a fly swatter meeting the fly.

The battle got started after Senator Cruz sent out this tweet in response to a Kimberley Strassel post…

AOC decided to respond, thinking that Joe Biden was hardly what Cruz was describing…

Cruz was quick to reply, though, hitting AOC right back with a tweet that just dropped bombshell after bombshell on the freshman congresswoman…

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To Cruz’s point, Joe Biden recently caved on police defunding after several members of AOC’s Squad introduced legislation on that as well as reparations.

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Biden is clearly giving way to the radicals within the party and it is horrifying to think what this country will look like if Dems hold the House, take the White House, and somehow capture 60 seats in the Senate.

If that happens, they can do whatever they want without a single word of input from Republicans.

Reparations, blanket removal of monuments, the Green New Deal, blanket amnesty for illegal immigrants, increases in annual immigration… all that and more will be passed within the first two years of Biden’s first term if they get complete power, of that I have no doubt.

Source: Western Journal

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