AOC Ripped After GQ Cover

The woman who hates men just made the cover of GQ Magazine.

The fact that she was on this cover and the interview itself has brought massive criticism.

According to AOC, she will never be president because this country “hates women.”

Here We Go

When the cover was reported, people could not wait to unload on AOC for her utterly ridiculous comments.

AOC, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, this country LOVES women, just not the crazy ones like you!

Former sports reporter Michele Tafoya immediately fired back, “@AOC, you have an opportunity to inspire, and yet you tell young women they can never be President? That America hates women — especially women of color? What a sad POV you’ve chosen. I’m Latina, and I have thrived via hard work and belief, as my Colombian-born daughter will.”

Senator Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) added, “I’m glad AOC knows what a woman actually is, but our problem is with her socialist agenda, not her gender.”

Sean Hannity also took a shot for some of the bizarre things she stated in the interview…

She is so out of touch with this country, it is pathetic.

Let me go on record right now… I HOPE the GOP beats the Dems to the punch in electing a woman president.

In fact, I have been pushing for Kristi Noem to be the VP on the next ticket, so she can parlay it into a presidency.

Maybe AOC needs to hang out with someone other than Bernie Sanders… just saying.

Source: Fox News

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