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AOC Says She Can ‘Push’ Biden to a More Progressive Agenda if Elected

The biggest problem with politicians in our country is that they all make a bunch of promises and never deliver.

What Joe Biden is planning on doing, though, is even worse.

If we are to take what Rep. Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) recently stated at face value, voters are being sold a false bill of goods simply to get Biden elected.

AOC Spills the Beans

Rep. Ocasio-Cortez probably thought she was endearing Joe Biden to her base when she made her statements, but what she was really doing was telling the American people Democrats are planning a bait and switch in this election.

She stated, “We’re different people, and clearly I, in the primary, one of the reasons why I was supportive of Senator Sanders was because of how progressive his stances are, but, you know, the primaries are over, and right now what is most important is to make sure that we ensure a Democratic victory in November and that we continue to push Vice President Biden on issues from marijuana to climate change to foreign policy.

“I think, overall, we can likely push Vice President Biden in a more progressive direction across policy issues.

“I think foreign policy is an enormous area where we can improve; immigration is another one.”

She added, “There are some areas where we just fundamentally disagree, but that’s OK.

“I think it’s important to acknowledge that we can have, in some cases, very large disagreements — it doesn’t mean that we’re trying to undermine the party or undermine each other.

“It means that we’re trying to do what’s best for people in the country.”

AOC finally concluded, “But, you know, we will hash those out.

“Our main priority is to make sure that the vice president is successful and victorious in November so that we can have those kinds of conversations in the first place from a more effective stance with him in the White House.”

We already know Sanders is helping shape Biden’s agenda and could possibly be part of his administration if elected.

If AOC didn’t think she would be able to get her agenda pushed through, there is no way she would be this on board with a Biden administration.

She has proven in the past that she will not back Democrats that go against her, which only leaves us with one option here.

AOC and the Democrat party are lying to any moderate Democrat that thinks a vote for Biden is a vote to keep our Democrat Republic as is.

If elected, I have no doubt Biden will turn his presidency over the far left and our way of life in this country will be changed to a more socialist society, with both AOC and Sanders calling the shots.

Source: Fox News

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