AOC Tells Dem Leaders to ‘Move Now’ on Legislation

Currently, Democrats have a slim majority in the House and the tie-breaking vote in the Senate.

While they need 60 votes to pass non-budgetary legislation through the Senate, spending bills can use reconciliation as long as all Democrats vote along party lines.

Rep. Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) is starting to see the writing on the wall and is now openly encouraging Democrat leadership to ram through as much legislation as possible before Democrats lose their edge.

Waste of Time

As I stated the other day, for virtually every major piece of legislation being discussed right now, including non-budgetary bills, there is a middle ground to be had.

Republicans are not asking for crazy concessions right now; they just want reasonable spending and to have their concerns addressed in the bills.

The Capitol riot commission is a perfect example, with Republicans only wanting to widen the scope beyond January 6, but Pelosi refused, so the bill failed.

Infrastructure is another prime example, with Republicans wanting excess spending on pet projects removed as well as spending that is nowhere near being related to infrastructure.

Joe Biden himself has refused to make concessions on this front and just broke off negotiations with Republicans.

Other than executive orders, Joe Biden has managed to get very little passed, and now AOC is warning leadership to stop talking to Republicans and go it alone…

Now, I have never believed that Democrats really wanted to work with Republicans anyway.

I have often stated that Biden is only providing lip service and going through the motions on this front to make his administration appear to be making an effort for bipartisanship.

AOC’s comments, however, expose the real agenda… that Dems want to go it alone and force through as much of their agenda as possible.

With AOC now openly putting pressure on leadership, that heat will be turned up, so expect a flurry of legislation to start to hit the floor very soon.

Source: Fox News

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17 Responses

    1. Stephen, I would care less if I picked up the morning paper and read that AOC got run over by a drunk/drugged driver…

  1. It appears AOC has become the one who pulls the strings. Pelosi should be telling her to shut up!.

  2. This Country – OUR Country – Would be FAR Better Served if PIGLOSI and the Big Mouth/Say Nothing, AOC were to “RETIRE”, and STOP PUSHING THEIR PERSONAL AGENDAS !!!

  3. Can’t wait for 2022 hopefully people of the country have awaken and boot these losers to the curb,that is if we still have a country who knows with the way this administration is running it into oblivion

  4. Why does this person even think we want to read about her. She has nothing to offer Americans except trouble. I wish she, Harris and Pelosi would fall on a cement floor and knock all their teeth out. Then they would not be so eager to be in front of the camera. Maybe they should just take a long walk on a short pier and keep on walking

  5. There is a season for everything .Pelosi and AOCwill soon be finished.Pushing evil will only last for a time as people wake up to The evil they are pushing

  6. That idiot AOC is as dangerous to this country as illegal aliens and China are. She knows nothing about the history of this country and all the sacrifices that were made to give her the right to encourage hate and violence toward anyone who is a patriotic American

  7. B-ch shut-up we are tired of listening to your stupid opinions, everything that comes out of your mouth is full BS. You need to get the F out of our government

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