Google Play Store Approves Truth Social

Trump’s Truth Social app went from dead in the water to probably the most downloaded app in the Google Play store today.

I got the notice this afternoon that the app was finally available for download.

This a true game changer for Trump on many different levels.

Big Day for Trump

I have been brutally hard on Devin Nunes regarding Truth Social.

Nunes, the former congressman from California, appears to be in over his head on this project, but he is finally catching up.

If Trump had no major social media outlet where he could reach all supporters heading into the election, it would have been devastating.

Believe it or not, Android users outnumber Apple users, so this is huge for Trump, not only in reach but also for advertising money.

His investors had been holding off funding, but I would imagine the cash register is about to open.

The shareholder meeting for Digital World was recently delayed, and Truth Social was running out of money.

Projections had the app going dry sometime in the spring, but with Android now on board, I imagine that vote will happen during its next scheduled date.

Source: Axios