Arizona Election REVERSAL – George Soros FUMING…

The Arizona Supreme Court has just made a massive decision that could impact the future of America moving forward.

Their taking election security seriously.

On September 2, the Arizona Supreme Court “held that Proposition 210 — a ballot initiative to undo Arizona’s new election integrity law, financed with George Soros’s money — cannot be on the November ballot due to a lack of valid signatures.”

Arizona is one of the states that has reformed their voting system after the debacle in 2020.

It needs to be REALLY easy to vote in an election.

It also needs to be REALLY difficult to cheat in an election.

Unfortunately, liberals were not on the same page as the rest of Arizona.

George Soros had been pushing a measure that “would have repealed Arizona’s election integrity laws for the 2024 presidential election.”

Thanks to the Arizona Supreme Court, he’s not going to succeed.

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42 Responses

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      1. I agree…however, I can’t. I’m attached via a 25 foot nasal canulla to a concentrator for breathing. I needa walker to get around my home, cannot go shopping without help and use a wheelchair to go outdoors to my patio. I cannot stand for more that a few minutes at a time. I am a worthless mess. Unless they come up with some foolproof plan for people like me,..I cannot vote. Any suggestions??

        1. There are people like yourself who have legitimate justification for an absentee ballot. Most voting laws provide for these necessary exemptions to in person voting. The problem has been the abuse of blanket mailing of mail in ballots for no legitimate reason. That abuse of the system has resulted in the problems that we have seen in the last election.

          1. Thank you George 43. at age 80, I have similar problems as jl Fredagocci and vote absentee legitimately

      2. There are sone, like military, flight, ship, & train crews, medical personnel, whos deployments, or 12 hr shifts preclud run ing to the registered polling location, & need mail in ballots, but even those could be better protected, easily enough , by authorizing USPS personnel to check signatures, & IDs against senders, or military mail crews to do so, & simply insuring security in transit.

        1. It is hard to trust USPS personnel after the number of reported problems that involved the mishandling of mail in ballots. When a person requests an absentee ballot, the election commission office that issues the ballot should require proof of necessity of need for the absentee ballot. A notarized certification of need should be required in order to receive an absentee ballot. This would then become an official record that must be retained for a designate period of time and kept available for audit purposes. The time limit for applying for such an absentee ballot should be defied to allow time for review and the mailing process.

    1. Even if they did the da.age done after 19 months will take years to fix if at all. Never trust a Dem who says Democracy. Ind

    1. Correction James. Soros is by every standard a nasty yellow belly communist with the destruction of the US as his ultimate goal. Far worse than just being a Liberal SOB.

    2. Nazi brownshirt who turned his own people in in the 40s. He needs to suffer the consequences the jews were subjected to.

  2. How does our country allow this satanic foreigner, George Soros from interfering in our elections?!! This guy should have been rounded up years ago!!

    1. David – sorry to have to tell you this but JFK gave him citizenship back in 60’s! So another Dem at work even JFK! He should have his clientship voided and he is no longer welcome to come to our Country to destroy it with his money! I am sure his money has blood on it just like his hands!

  3. George Soros and his commie billions buddies, have been destroy our American Legal system with his EVIL, MARXIST, FASCIST, DEADLY CASH. HE SHOULD GO BACK TO WHERE HE CAME FROM. WE DO NOT WANT SOROS’S MONEY, IT HAS POSIONED OUR JUSTICE SYSTEM, with putting Woke, Marxist, Radical, Power and Money hungry Judges and DemoRATS into congress.
    At 93 years old, his lifespan is limited. Almighty God, will punish him for all the Evil he has done to America and the American People.

    1. right on lock soros up he is a disgrace to america and doesnt belong in our country. send him back to germany or were ever country he help hilter kill the jews. and im jewish i will never forget this dishonest man corruption.

      1. God allows these people to operate because the Church hasn’t been teaching the truth in the last 40+ yrs. That’s the reason we’re going through this trial.

    2. It’s too late already he has done irreparable damage to America with his billions of dollars and sheeple followers!

  4. Why is it even legal for some out of state billionaires to spend a lot of money in AZ to try and influence are election?

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  6. With reference to the sub-title of this report (Their Taking Election Security Seriously):
    For the sake of clarity and understanding, especially for readers who have learned English as a second language, the word “their” is a plural possessive. Use “their” for a sentence like “They have received their shares of the pie”. The word which fits this sub-title is “They’re” (or use “They are”).
    Writer of this report may not care about rules for English usage. This writer might say, “What difference does it make? Readers can figure out what I mean”. I say, well maybe we can. You might however, consider readers who are reading this as a translation in their heads, from a first language. Most of these readers have learned the “rules” and must work at understanding what “you” mean with a mis-fit word such as “their”. If you would learn the “rules” your articles would be much more easily understood, by all readers. “Their” is plural possessive. “They’re” is the contraction for “they are” that belongs in your sub-title.

  7. Just read this: George Soros is an American citizen as of 1961. His citizenship was given to him by John F Kennedy!

  8. I am so happy to read this. I was born and have lived in Arizona my entire life. Problem with Soros is his relatives are married to other scumbags such as Clinton’s daughter. So this interference will be going on for a long time unless we can stop it.

  9. Greatest THANKS to the Arizona Supreme Court for standing up and doing the RIGHT THING!!!! And I agree with all who want to see Soros “in the PAST TENSE”; may he suffer the most horrendous end and burn in HELL for 10,000 years for all the damage he has done to our country and people!!! He, people like him, corporations, etc., should NOT be allowed to throw huge sums of money into any political party… it is CLEARLY influencing/determining the outcome of an election!!!!! I have seen statements on many solicitations that LIMIT the dollar amount anyone can donate… and THAT maximum is STILL too high!!!! We need TEETH in a LAW that is ENFORCED with SEVERE PENALTIES, for anyone trying to donate excessive amounts of money!!!!!!! And Soros and his ilk are OVERDUE for being BARRED from donating ANYTHING to ANY political party!!!!! He is ACTIVELY working to DESTROY our country and our good citizens!!!!!! We absolutely HAVE to INSIST on voting INTEGRITY, and that means the Republican party has to grow a SPINE and STAND UP for us!!!!!!! They THINK they have the upcoming elections “in the bag”, because Biden and his ilk are such screw-ups!!!!!!! But THEY DO NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The Dem. party has a slew of DIRTY TRICKS, VOTE CHEATING, MEDIA and VOTER BRAINWASHING… not to mention a FORTUNE in DIRTY MONEY… to throw into these upcoming elections!!!!!!!! We haven’t heard ANYTHING from the Republican party about HOW they are going to protect our votes and, MOST IMPORTANTLY, KEEP the MILLIONS of ILLEGALS that Biden has allowed into our country… FROM VOTING!!!!!!!!! The truth is that MANY of them have ALREADY voted in PRIMARIES, and you are NOT hearing ANYTHING about THAT!!!!!!!!!! We have to put the PRESSURE on our representatives and let them KNOW we will NOT TOLERATE ANOTHER STOLEN (YES!!!! S-T-O-L-E-N!!!!!!!) ELECTION… due to their STUPIDITY, LAZINESS and FAILURE to STAND UP for their REAL CONSTITUENTS and OUR COUNTRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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