Arizona GOP Has Secret Weapon – Get Ready For This…

The Arizona GOP has something that many people across the country wish their leadership would show:

Honesty and accountability.

The Republican gubernatorial nominee in the Grand Canyon State, Kari Lake, recently called out the media’s blatant contradictions when she was asked “If Trump were to tap you to be VP, is that something you’d consider?”

Quite a reversal from the media trying to nail Lake on her inexperience.

Just a few days ago, they were saying she didn’t have the experience to be governor, but now are asking if she’d be open to taking the vice presidency?

It’s time some politicians had the guts to hold the clowns in the media accountable.

Kari Lake just might be willing to do just that.

She then turned her attention to her Democrat opponent, Secretary of State Katie Hobbs:

“Where is Katie Hobbs right now? She should be standing right here, right here answering your questions. How often does she talk to you? If you’re MSNBC then maybe all the time, but if you want to ask her a pressing question she cowers, and she’s a coward. I’m applying for a job, and the people of Arizona are the hiring manager, and they are my boss and I am going to be here, much to the chagrin of some of you, not just four years as your governor — I’m going to be here eight years as your governor. So have fun and get used to it because we are going places and we’re going to have the greatest state in the country.”

Kari Lake, following in Reagan’s footsteps by proving that reformed liberals make the best conservatives.

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