Army Officer Resigns Commission Rather Than Serve Under Biden

Twenty years is the holy grail in the military in terms of retirement benefits

So, what would it take for a career officer on the threshold of two decades of service to just walk away within a year of millions of dollars of benefits?

We can ask Lt. Colonel Paul Douglas Hague that question because that is exactly what he just did.

I Quit

According to his resignation letter, Hague has been serving in the United States Army for more than 19 years.

This week, Hague announced he is resigning his commission, about a year away from his full retirement benefits.

Hague is leaving because of the “unethical, immoral and tyrannical” vaccine mandate of Joe Biden.

Based on the tweet below, it seems as though he has the full support of his wife, Katie…

Hague’s resignation was about far more than not wanting to take the jab, however.

The career officer cited a “lack of confidence” in Biden as the commander-in-chief.

After the botched withdrawal in Afghanistan, it hard to fault his argument.

There is some rather significant news breaking on this front regarding vaccines in the military and what is about to be done to our troops.

The general order on vaccines has already been issued, but what is not in that order is how the troops will be disciplined (the order only states that they can be relieved of duty and discharged).

In all likelihood, soldiers who refuse to take the jab, regardless of time in service, will be dishonorably discharged, as this is technically the refusal of a direct order from a superior.

Come December, this order will come to fruition, and I would suspect you will see outrage around this country from our troops the likes we have never seen before.

Source: New York Post

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34 Responses

    1. I agree 100+%. Biden is a Communist through and through. Anyone, Democrat, Republican, Independent, or others that doesn’t realize this has their head buried in their behinds. Wake Up people, we are being sold out to the highest Communist bidder. Believe It!!!

  1. NOW, MAYBE, THIS IS THE GUY we need, FOR SURE not ANYONE their now starting with Milly who needs to be tried for TREASON and sent to Leavenworth!

  2. Maybe it’s time for states to band together and quit, maybe that would wake people up. This is not a dictatorship contrary to bidens belief.

  3. I’m a Navy vet. And was required to take many shots to protect me from all kinds of threats. They were ordered. There was no choice involved. It’s all part of the job. It’s for your protection, or from something else.
    All for the team guys and gals. Quit crying and get on with it. If you don’t like the rules, get out. The rest of us don’t need a crybaby for a bunk mate.

    1. The difference is the shots you were required to take were proven to protect you. This shot has caused MANY people medical problems, including death, and is still in the testing stages. The big concern, right now, is that it damages your heart muscles.

    2. Those were proven vaccines and you know it. I’m a Navy vet as well, and don’t believe I ever served with anyone that wouldn’t have questioned this order. If it was a proven vaccine, fine, but it’s not. People die from this vaccination. The FDA, had it not been run by total incompetence would have never approved this in the first place. If you are what the Navy has turned into, the fleet’s in a world of trouble. What don’t you know about lawful orders?

  4. I read that it is against the constitution for him to force people to take the vaccine!!! Is it or isn’t it? I think we are heading in thr direction of a dictator, then we will lose all our rights to live where we want,drive what we want,go to the doctor when they say we are sick enough to see the doctor of their choice, eat what they say we can and how much!!!! Our money that we have worked for will be taken for the betterment of the government!!!!

  5. Along with Biden, Harris, Pelosi, Schumer, Blinken, and others who participated in this uncontstitutonal mandate on our military and the sell out of the US to China in Afghanistan, and the wide open border admission of criminals and terrorists into our country. They are traitors through and through

  6. Everyone needs to realize that BIDEN is not making ANY of these decisions. Which, begs the question: WHO is making the decisions? Because Biden is not capable of deciding what to eat for lunch, to make these kinds of decisions who have to be able to think cognitively and he can’t. So who is making the decisions?

  7. Ok, the military inductee was forced to get all sorts of vaccines as a condition of serving.

    How many deaths occurred from those vaccines.

    If a service person is forced to take the vaccine, and there are detrimental side effects including death, then there should be an agreement to pay the next of kin $$$$ for the wrongful death or disabling effect.

    They don’t need to be bad possible results of the experimental potion.

    Or just let them out with no penalty.

    After all, there is no law requiring the jab. It’s only a mandate provided from the puppet dictator president who is abusing the executive order process.

  8. By obsessing himself with Covid and vaccines, Biden probably thinks he’s found his niche, or maybe even his comfort zone. His attitude? HECK WITH EVERYTHING ELSE! I also strongly believe that whoever is using him as a puppet is his puppet master, and limiting Joe’s mind on nothing else but Covid. Reason? Because the guy can’t MULTI-TASK since parts of his brain no longer function enough to take questions which pertain to other subjects. We can all see this happening live on TV! When asked questions that Joe is not familiar with, he simply turns around and exits. And his mind has basically forgotten everything else but the Covid obsession!! And even then, everything re: Covid needs to be scripted for him….because HE CANNOT REMEMBER! Joe Biden’s failings irks the heck out of me when I see him on TV, but there is a small part of me that feels sorry for him. Senile dementia and Alzheimer’s disease are wicked to the sufferer because not only do they lose their memory, but eventually even forget basic things such as eating, taking their meds, even remembering the members of their family. It won’t be a surprise when Joe Biden looks at his wife and asks “Who are you?” because that almost always happens to couples when one spouse is stricken. And when they reach the final stage, the brain gives out completely and the patient will die. There is no cure for these conditions; there are medications that my delay the speed of the dementia, but that’s all it can do. I am very grateful that both of my parents lived to be almost 90, and yet remained mentally sharp as tacks until the day that each took their last breath. Thank God!

    1. He certainly has forgotten the Constitution, and the fact that America is a REPUBLIC! He continues to act like we are a FEDERALIST country! Under BIDEN all power is with the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT, and states that resist “WILL BE RUN OVER”! No president in our history has so blatantly broken his oath of office! HE MUST BE REMOVED, ALL 2020 ELECTION DATA BE AUDITED, AND THE MANDATES OVER-RULED! THIS MUST BE REVIEWED, NOW, BY SCOTUS AS WE ARE FACING A CONSTITUTIONAL CRISIS UNDER THE COMMUNIST DEMS!

      1. I agree with you 100%!!! However Due to all of the Crime and Corruption Going on within the Democratic Party in order to Accomplish This Task We Must Have Total Participation of at Least 200-Million Citizens To Come Together And Demand That We Get The Supreme Court of the United States of America Demand A Detailed Audit of the 2020 Election From Every State With Out Any Interference From The Biden administration including President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris,Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer and Nadler and SCHIFF,Fauci,Obama, It’s Time to DRAIN THE SWAMP IMMEDIATELY!!!

  9. BIDEN is carrying out a POLITICAL PURGE of our military! The same thing the Russians did, and the Chinese did! Our Republican Leadership in DC DOES NOTHING! Now we must have a PC military, with positions awarded not on merit, but race and political affiliation is NOT HOW YOU RUN A MILITARY! I BELIEVE BIDEN HAS LOST THE CAPACITY TO RUN OUR COUNTRY, IT IS TIME TO IMPEACH HIM! IF MCCALLUM AND MCCARTHY WILL NOT, WE NEED TO START A PETITION TO SHOW THEM WHAT WE DEMAND. WE CAN START BY PETITIONING AGAINST KISINGER AND CHENEY REPRESENTING US ON THE JAN 6TH LYNCH MOB!

  10. “YOU GET WHAT YOU VOTE (OR STEAL) FOR” !!!!!!!!!! O’Biden’s PUPPETEERS are destroying our country and the “VILLAGE IDIOT’ in the White House is just the FRONT MAN !!!!!!!!!!! GOD HELP US ALL !!!!!!!!!

  11. The schmuck Biden, has made this a selective thing. He hasn’t mandated the USPS, or any refugees coming in to our country to get it. With him showing his true colors of being a dictator, a person would have to be a complete and utter fool, or a democrat to take this willingly. Like this one above who was a Navy vet., he just jumped on board without question. No one knows what the long term effect of this is completely, but what has surfaced so far doesn’t look good at all. It takes a real piece of work to try to get people to follow the wrong path because they weren’t bright enough to do some fact checking in the first place.
    This will go to the supreme court, and we’ll find out what they’re all about.

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  13. If thousands of active military are dishonorably discharged over their refusing the Covid jab, consider this.
    If their discharge is followed by a Civil War against a totally corrupt Federal Government, how many of these trained fighters would side with the Citizens and join in the fight? And, I believe these men and women could convince remaining active military to not protect the corrupt Government from the rebellious Citizens.
    Our government could then be reset according to our existing Constitution and MAGA with TRUE LOYAL AMERICAN LEADERSHIP.

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