Army Recruiting Shortfall Far Worse Than Expected

There are seven weeks left in the Army’s fiscal year for recruiting.

After the third quarter, the Army was sitting around 40 percent of its annual recruiting goal.

Officials were banking on the big surge after high school graduation, but it never happened.

Massively Short

The service branch has drastically reduced its numbers from previous years and has already lowered future goals.

Even with the lower numbers, the Army still comes in way below expected numbers.

With seven weeks left, the Army is only at 52 percent of its goal.

It will be a slow trickle at best moving forward, so hitting 60 percent is probably about as good as it will get.

In terms of numbers, that works out to be about 15,000 troops short.

This is a problem, a big problem, because it impacts military readiness for a conflict.

Recruitment across all branches is down by 23 percent, which is staggering.

Part of the problem is an entitled and woke generation, but it goes much deeper than that.

A large majority of those in the primary target group are ineligible to serve because they are obese, have criminal records, or are drug users.

A mere 23 percent of all Americans in the 17-24 age bracket are qualified to serve without a waiver.

Remember when recruiting videos showed troops blowing stuff up and fighting, well, this is the new Army recruiting videos…

I am sure that inspired a lot of people to join.

Source: The Blaze

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