REPORT: At Least 9 Inmates Recently Released by New York Governor Rearrested

After replacing Andrew Cuomo as the governor of New York, Kathy Hochul made a quick splash by releasing 191 prisoners from Riker’s Island.

There was outrage after this was done because Hochul took it upon herself to decide these individuals were arrested on technicalities.

Now, nine of her releasees have been re-arrested.

Lock Them Up

This push by Democrats to not hold criminals accountable is going to bury the party.

Hochul, who is now dealing with her controversial comments, also has to deal with nine of her prison buddies getting locked up again.

The fact nine of them have already wound up arrested again is only helping the point made by Police Commissioner Dermot Shea when the decisions for early release were initially announced.

He stated that the detainees had “worked awfully hard to get in there,” meaning their crimes were clear and they deserved to be behind bars.

To learn more about those that have already been re-arrested, you can see the full report in the New York Post.

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8 Responses

  1. She needs to be locked up along with the inmates. How stupid to release criminals. Another brainless democrat.

  2. You got that right she is brainless.
    Well the Democrats might as well
    say goodbye they will sure lose
    control.of the House/Senate and
    the White House in the 2022
    Mid-term Election.

    1. Larry you seem to be forgetting a very important point, the democrats are masters at stealing elections.Any one that does not know that or refuses to believe thae has clabber for brains.

  3. Oh, New York – you replace one criminal governor with another one. What the hell is wrong with you people? Oh, that’s right, you’re DEMONCRATS.

  4. The reason the Democrats act with careless abandon to do their dastardly deeds is because they know, without a doubt, that they will be re-elected….they’ll just lie, cheat and steal to get the votes the need and the Republicans won’t do anything about it.

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