REPORT: ATF Possibly Coming After Pistol Braces

A rather interesting new rule may soon be implemented by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF).

The new guidelines were spotted in budgeting documents.

AmmoLand News reports that the ATF may soon require gun owners’ registration of pistol braces.

Sneaky, Sneaky

The new rule would be part of an amnesty program to get registrations on all pistol braces.

The report stated that if the pistols are registered as short-barrel rifles, they will receive a free tax stamp.

Currently, the ATF charges a $200 fee for SBRs.

The ATF proposed the rule on the Federal Register last year, which was not received well by gun owners, but the agency appears ready to move forward with it anyway.

In addition to registering for the amnesty program, gun owners must submit a photo of the weapon with the brace.

This would be done to ensure the weapon qualified for amnesty.

Keep in mind, the Biden administration has asked the ATF to redefine firearms definitions as well as changing rules for stabilizing braces for pistols.

Justification for OMB 1140-… by AmmoLand Shooting Sports News

The concern is that once the braces are registered, it will not be long before the ATF comes knocking on people’s doors to confiscate them.

This administration has made it clear that it wants to redefine firearms to make most of them illegal, leaving law-abiding citizens with few options for home and personal defense.

You can read the full report on AmmoLand.

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