Philly Police Attacked by Dirt Bike-ATV Gang

There is a phenomenon unlike I have seen in other cities that is happening in Philadelphia right now.

There are these massive gangs of dirt bikes and ATVs that are taking over the streets.

With Mayor Kenney calling off the dogs, they have become more emboldened than ever.

So much so, they went after police at a local gas station this week.


Kenney has basically turned the entire city over to thugs.

I remember the last time I was in Philly to visit family, I saw several gangs of dirt bikes and ATVs, but nothing like what you are about to see.

There were literally hundreds of riders, some of whom tried to attack the police…

The Philadelphia PD explained, “As officers attempted to secure the stolen dirt bike the crowd began to circle the officers while throwing bricks, bottles and other objects at them.

“One marked police vehicle was kicked repeatedly and had it’s (sic) windshield broken with brick before the group fled the area.”

This type of behavior goes on around the city on a regular basis now…

The mayor’s office responded, “The safety of pedestrians and motorists is paramount, and our Administration takes this issue very seriously.

“Dirt bikes and ATVs are illegal to operate on city streets.

“Operators can be ticketed, and vehicles confiscated.

“Police have been successful in confiscating hundreds of dirt bikes, ATVs, and scooters as part of their efforts to cut down on this illegal activity and will continue to do so.”

My opinion… that is a lie. I have seen this first-hand and I have never seen a police officer in the city do a thing about it.

They may act in extreme circumstances, but these road bike-ATV gangs are pretty much doing what they want around the city of Philadelphia.

Source: Fox News