AZ TV Station Declares Winner of Gubernatorial Race

A rather interesting thing happened during a recent Fox10 Phoenix broadcast.

Katie Hobbs was declared the winner of the gubernatorial race.

The only problem was that she was given the victory on October 28, and the election is not for another two weeks.

How the…

On the 27th, during the evening news, a graphic popped up showing that Hobbs had won the election by 53-47 percent.

The graphic had the blue checkmark and everything.

Charlie Kirk was one of the first to spot it…

Kari Lake, Hobbs’ opponent, who also happens to be backed by Donald Trump, was wondering if this was revenge of some sort…

You see, earlier in the day, she had dumped all over the media attaching her to a bogus report.

The station eventually came up with an excuse…

The latest polling in the state actually has Lake up, and it now seems as though she is about to pull off the upset.

However, on the off chance that she does not, and if the race happens to fall to Hobbs at 53-47, exactly what do you think the reaction will be on the right side of the fence?

Source: Washington Examiner