Bad News For Biden Business – Dirty Money Bombshell…

America has spoken.

The majority of us know the truth.

Joe Biden consulted and probably profited from illegal business deals while holding a high position in America’s government.

That’s the opinion of an astonishing 62% of Americans.

That’s almost two out of every three people in America that are fully aware that Joe Biden is willing to sell out America in order for his drug-addict son to profit.

Instead of ever working for anything in his life, Hunter Biden has used his dad’s influence to make a career out of smoking crack and having sex with prostitutes.

Every so often, he would use his dad’s name to land some outrageous “consulting” jobs in industries he knew nothing about.

That doesn’t sound honest to me.

It sounds as corrupt as the rest of Joe Biden’s regime.

Two-thirds of Americans can’t be wrong.

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16 Responses

  1. I’m tired of hearing this story!!!!!
    It’s been years that we know of
    the misdeeds of the Biden family!!!!

    And conservatives just sit there!!!!
    Who can we depend on to figure
    out what to do??????????

    1. Great question, How come our Republican Senators & Congress
      Just let this happen & do nothing??????If this was a Republican President he would already be in JAIL!!!! We are a bunch of wussy’s!!!!

      1. No we are not. It was not proved beyond a shadow of doubt an facebook admitteded just recently , at which time the dems controlled house an senate. Until that changes in nov. We can’t do a ything .

    2. All conservatives know we have a horrible, crooked, family mob boss in the White House and in my opinion he is a illegal seated Prisident. Any one knows what happened in 2020 and that cannot happen again. Anyone that tries to fix Nov and 2024 should automatically be sent to prison. Every single vote is needed to get our country back and get the evil out of the country. Vote for the same side.

  2. joe must be paying people in high places to keep him out of trouble with the law. if he was a common Joe, he would have been in the clink years ago. Shame on the people who turns their heads and let
    any crook walk free. And while I’m thinking, throw the
    clintons in jail with Ole Joe. I didn’t capitalize because I have no respect for them.

  3. This grumpy old vet says amen to all of the above. I’m very tired of this good old boys club. The looking the other way by those in government and our two tier legal system,…we need desperately to get good folks in public office, willing to do the job. We need term limits and get rid of lobbyists along with the so called “professionals”,…

  4. There’s no “probably” here.Biden and his Biden Crime LLC is as corrupt as can be.Making Mafia look like sandbox kids.

  5. The time for outraged rhetoric is over. It is time to
    Take action. Hold congress accountable for the stealing of
    The United Stated of America in 2020. With their rigged vote
    Counting computers, and thieving personnel… and this goes for all that supported the theft…!

  6. If Trump wasn’t robbed we wouldn’t be hearing about Hunter. We only get the Hunter news from the few conservative sites. One thing for sure is the Biden family is a bunch of crooks and we can thank the MSM for covering for them.

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