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Barr Agrees Expanded Absentee Voting Opens Door to Potential Fraud

Ever since Democrats started to push mail-in voting for the November election, Republicans have been pushing back.

Trump has consistently claimed that if we allow widespread mail-in voting, there is simply no way we can trust that the election will not be subject to massive fraud.

Attorney General William Barr is now backing up the President, stating, “I think there’s a range of concerns about mail-in ballots.”

Expansion is the Problem

Absentee ballots are not the problem in small doses.

However, to use them to run a national election, well, we have already seen the problems that can arise.

Already during this pandemic, numerous states have attempted to use mail-in voting and not a single one of them has gone smoothly.

Look at the recent election in New Jersey where thousands of ballots were discarded.

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This happened in an election where one candidate won his office by eight votes and another won by less than 250 votes.

There is just far too much that can go wrong trying to ramp up a system that is barely used in this country and when it is used, there always seems to be problems.

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Barr hinted at this when he made his statement.

He stated, “I think there’s a range of concerns about mail-in ballots. And let me just clarify here.

“I’m not talking about a mail-in ballot for a limited number of cases where somebody, you know, is going to be traveling around the world, and the way that the state has provided for that is, you mail in your ballot.”

He added, “I’m talking about a comprehensive rule where all the ballots are essentially mail-in, and there’s so many occasions for fraud there that cannot be policed.

“I think it would be very bad. But one of the things I mentioned was the possibility of counterfeiting.”

And Another Thing…

In addition to the blatant fraud we all know will happen, there is also the issue of voter rolls not being property updated.

We just saw the IRS send out more than a million dollars in stimulus funds to dead people, so do you really think it will be any better with mail-in voting?

What are the chances of those ballots falling into someone else’s hands or people that have moved to get a ballot at their old address for someone else to fill out?

Of course, there is also the reality that the post office simply will not be able to handle the task and ballots will get lost in the mail either on their way to voters or on their way back to be counted.

Simply put, absentee ballots cannot be used on a wide scale because it has already been proven not to be efficient, but that will not stop Democrats from pushing it.

Source: The Blaze & Daily Wire

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