Barr Snaps Back at Dems Claiming He Is Going After Trump’s Enemies

William Barr did a phenomenal job on the Hill yesterday, going toe-to-toe with Democrats that were more interested in creating a YouTube moment rather than actually asking Barr questions he could answer.

Barr’s opening statement was also exceptional, with one particular point hitting home for me.

The Attorney General issued a challenge to the Democrats to show one indictment that has been made against a Trump enemy, which hit home as to why we have NOT seen any major indictments.

Barr Knows the System…

Barr has been around politicians his whole life, so he knows how underhanded they can be.

In certain situations, the rule of law and justice don’t matter when it can be used as a political weapon against you.

I have been very critical of Barr for not going after the likes of Hillary Clinton, James Comey, etc.

You don’t have to be a legal expert to see these people did some really bad and more than likely illegal things, but they have all skated under Barr.

Could it possibly be that Barr is not going after them, at least for now, because he knows Democrats will weaponize those indictments as an abuse of power against Trump?

Listen to Barr’s statement on this and tell me what you think because that is what I see plain as day between the lines…

Even though I now get it, I still don’t like it, but perhaps I will ease up on Barr just a bit because he is thinking big picture while most of us just want both revenge and justice for what people like Comey and the DNC did in 2016.

You can read more about Barr’s testimony on Fox News.

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