Barrett Feeds Dems Their Lunch During SCOTUS Confirmation Hearing

Amy Coney Barrett may have been considered a controversial SCOTUS choice by President Trump when first nominated, but that was only because those individuals had never seen her in action.

Over the last two days, between her opening statement and responses to Democrat badgering, however, she has proven she is more than worthy to sit on that bench.

There were a few shining moments that stood out, so, America, meet ACB.

Barrett’s Best Moments

The moment everyone is talking about right now is when Barrett was asked about the notes they assumed she was looking off for answers to the questions of which she was being asked.

These Senators will often ask numerous questions rapid-fire, with the purpose being to throw off the nominee.

Barrett has had a notepad sitting in front of her the entire time, but unless I am mistaken, she has yet to pick up a pen.

When she was asked about that notepad, she picked it up, showing a blank pad…

This is notable because her recall has been phenomenal and it is exactly that… recall, because she has not taken a note and is not using notes to answer the questions.

It is impressive, to say the least, that she can rattle off these answers, unfazed, from memory.

More Barrett Moments

Senator Klobuchar (D-MN) is known as a brutal interviewer during these hearings, but she was fed her lunch when she went after Barrett today.

Klobuchar tried time and again to trip up Barrett on cases that are considered to be super precedents, and this was how Barrett handled it…

Klobuchar then tried to bring politics into the hearing, and Barrett yet again shut her down cold, which gives us hope we could actually have a justice on the bench that will follow the rule of law rather than use her role to make political statements…

Barrett also shut down Senator Durbin (D-IL) when he challenged her on the Affordable Care Act, calling him out very nicely for making the presumption that he knows how she would rule on any case related to the ACA…

Barrett is a legal ace, of this I have no doubt whatsoever.

Anyone that has watched these hearings can clearly see Barrett is a great fit for this bench and hardly the monster Democrats are trying to make her out to be.

You can read more about Barrett’s second day before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Fox News.

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