Bernie Sanders Takes Shot at James Carville Over ‘Woke’ Comments

This week, longtime Democrat strategist James Carville had a warning about the woke culture permeating the Democrat Party right now.  

Carville believes this new culture is going to impact the Democrat Party’s ability to pass legislation dramatically. 

Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT), however, disagreed and took quite a swipe at Carville.  

Sanders stated, “James Carville can live in his world. I don’t think he’s terribly relevant to what happens in Congress right now.  

“Here is the story, very simple story — is that right now for the last 55 years, since Medicare was developed in 1965, it has not included coverage for dental care, hearing aids, and eyeglasses.  

“And I can tell you in Vermont and all over this country, you’ve got senior citizens whose teeth are rotting in their mouth, older people who can’t talk to their grandchildren because they can’t hear them because they can’t afford a hearing aid, and people can’t read a newspaper because they can’t afford glasses.  

“So, to say dental care, hearing aids, and eyeglasses should be a part of Medicare makes all the sense in the world.” 

This is the new tone of the Democrat Party… disagree with the masses, and they will feed you to the wolves.  

They may be in power right now, but if they continue to eat their own like this, the red wave I keep promising for 2022 will quickly turn into a tsunami.  

Source: Breitbart 

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One Response

  1. James Carville is right. The “Woke” nonsense has already worked its way into the
    Democratic Party and is going to destroy it entirely from the inside provided there
    is anything left to destroy. With the likes of Sanders running the country, we are in
    a desperate and dangerous situation. I can not figure out how the LEFT has managed
    to turn such a large segment of the population into brain dead, ignorant robots. But
    we must realize while we were ignoring our educational system, the Left was using this
    to produce the mindless drones we call our children. We allowed the Progressives to
    take over our schools and they are turning out the drones and the drones are producing
    more drones. We need to clean out our schools particularly those connected to the Teachers
    Union which is less about teaching and more about politics and control.

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