Beto Fan Confronts Cruz on Airplane

Another liberal is trying to be a media star by confronting a politician on a plane.

We have seen this before with liberals, and it is never pretty.

This time it was a Beto supporter cracking wise with Senator Cruz (R-TX) as he was getting ready to depart the plane.

Just Rude

This is how it all went down just as Cruz was about to deboard…

There is a time and a place for everything and a crowded plane is not it.

Regarding the criticisms he levied, especially the one about Cruz’s podcast, I would have to ask him if he is okay with the number of books that have been written by Democrats in office over the last two years.

The legislation that Cruz was referring to was blocked by Senator Murphy (D-CT), something that troll clearly did not know about.

I know that if we did that to a Democrat in the same setting, there would be outrage among Democrats and the media.

Because it was a Republican, all we hear are those crickets.

Source: Washington Examiner

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