Biden Administration Crushed by Former Obama Official

The Biden administration continues to say the Build Back Better plan costs nothing and will not raise inflation.

It continues to do this even though the CBO says the bill falls far short of paying for its costs.

Now, former Obama officials are slamming this narrative, accusing Biden of using “gimmicks” to justify the spending.

Bogus Narrative

Bret Baier discussed Biden’s Build Back Better plan with Brian Deese, Biden’s National Economic Council Director.

Baier challenged him on the pushback from many Obama officials regarding Biden’s accounting to justify his spending package.

For instance, former Obama administration senior adviser Steve Rattner called it “budget gimmicks” that rely on clauses to support key benefits that will not even be around in a few years.

Ratner believes the legislation will add at least $800 billion to the deficit over just the next five years, per the Committee for Responsible Federal Budget.

Yet, this is how Deese tries to spin his way out of this…

Dems are putting all their chips in the middle on this one bill, but sadly for them, there will be an accounting on this.

There is simply no way this bill pays for itself, period, and it will be the downfall of the Democrat Party and, hopefully, the end of this idiotic socialist dream Democrats seem to have for this country.

For the bill to even have a remote chance of paying for itself every variable accounted for in the legislation would have to fall in line, which simply will not happen.

That is especially true if there is a party change after 2024.

That, however, may be part of the plan for Biden and company.

Elect us again and you will see how this bill pays for itself. Knock us out of office, and Republicans will not renew tax clauses that would generate the income needed.

Make no mistake about it. if Dems lose in 2024, that will be their line of attack to go back after the White House in 2028.

Source: Fox News

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13 Responses

  1. Only a moron would believe this bill…’s a huge joke on the people who voted for the incompetent biden…..Democrat politicians are laughing at stupid americans…..

      1. Truth Biden a brain dead, nasty, unknowing, uncaring, hateful, disrespectful, disgraceful, evil, idiot. Enough Said!

        1. NO DUHH and people who voted for him are just as brain dead and falling for their lies / ( WAKE UP PEOPLE ) here come the hammer (BOOM) hope their happy with the Taxes and the inflation that the president is dropping on us / and wanting us to pay for the Illegal immigrants to live and paying them 4500 a month along with free schooling and housing

  2. If you have not recognized it yet this is the Democrats End-Game for the America Millions of Us still Love.
    From Day One has anybody witnessed One Thing that is going to benefit the 300 Million + Citizens? I haven’t
    either. Like Don said “The Best is Yet to Come.” It will start in the Spring of 2022!

  3. I never knew that there are 81 million stupid people in this country. What a sad commentary on our educational system. Parents must re-educate themselves and then re-educate their children.

  4. Does he think we America are stupid build back is a joke go back in your basement joe as you never seem to be doing any thing in White House other than coming up with stupid ideas or you handlers are

  5. This bill should never get through the senate! It is full of crap that democrats want that hurt America!!! Tell them to stick it where the sun don’t shine!!!!

  6. Bankruptcy Biden is out of his tree. Just got back from the grocery store, the only one in my town, and half the store was empty shelves and the prices have gone up again. Who the hell wants to pay 2 for 9.98 for potatoe chips and thats not the family size either! But gas went from 3.19 a gal to 3.14 woohoo ridiculous! I can’t even afford hamburger any more, it’s 10 for 10 dollars banquet tv dinners! F🇺🇸K Biden!

  7. There’s no damn way that lying scumbag Joe Biden and Hyena Harris won 81 million votes that creepy hair sniffer couldn’t round up 14 people for a rally. Build back China is what these China living communists want. They will be banished in elections. The Democrats hate America and Americans. We hate. Trump says there emptying out prisons in foreign countries and sending them here, the Democrats have brought in 10 million illegals, there killers, rapists, and Drugs. We Americans and are taxes are are paying for these bums. I swear I think there trying to kill us. Or starve us with inflation. We Americans will banish these communist Democrats for good.

  8. Biden has suggested that a full fledge COMI should be part of his Administration What is he thinking? Or is he. Is that what HUNTER arranged for a fee. That COMMUNIST like the squad is taking over and the Biden / Harris combo does nothing.. I have hope that one Lawmaker will take the bull by the horns and stop them from hurting our country even more than PELOSI Biden Harris and the rest of the morons.. have already done .

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