Biden Administration Holding Up Refinery

We know the biggest challenge for gasoline right now is the refinery of crude oil.

One would think the administration would help push that along.

That, however, is not the case.

Lock It Down

The St. Croix refinery, owned by West Indies Petroleum Limited and Port Hamilton Refining and Transportation, LLLC, has been closed since June 2021.

We are very close to running out of diesel fuel in this country, with less than a month’s supply in inventory.

If that runs out, shipping comes to a screeching halt.

That refinery is among the largest in the world, capable of turning out some 600,000 barrels in its day.

Yet, the EPA is playing climate games for which we will pay the price in about a month if that refinery does not reopen.

EPA Administration Michael Regan said, “I am committed to prioritizing the health and safety of underserved and overburdened communities across this country and holding polluters accountable.

“This will ensure protections for St. Croix by requiring the refinery to operate in compliance with environmental laws designed to protect people’s health and the environment.”

We have not seen a refinery built in this country is about five decades, and we should not be expecting one anytime soon.

This administration has declared war on the entire industry, and now the reality of that war is about to hit us all.

Source: Daily Caller