Biden Administration Knew in February About Formula Shortages

They knew… and they did nothing.

They knew Americans were going to have a hard time getting formula three months ago, yet they continued to allow illegals into this country with newborns at alarming rates.

I can tell you this… go to an illegal immigrant holding center and compare the shelves of formula there to the ones in your local supermarket and see who is better stocked.


This administration knew there were problems back in February, yet, here we are, three months later, and yet another crisis is born.

According to White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki, Biden has been working on this every day since they found out about the problem in February…

Joe Biden worked about as hard on this as they did the testing shortage we faced when everyone on the planet knew another surge was going to hit.

Who is impacted most by the shortage? The very families this administration and Democrats pretend to care the most about… low-income families.

These are the same families that, for the most part, pull the handle for Democrats religiously, even though the party spits in their face every chance it gets.

In this case, the WIC program only allows for certain brands, most of which were wiped out in the massive recall.

The country could have been prepped for this.

For instance, mothers could have been set up with breastfeeding equipment to stock up on breast milk, knowing this shortage was going to come about.

Biden did nothing… NOTHING.

But hey, at least the illegal immigrants have their formula.

I can only wonder, what is this country going to run out of next with Biden at the helm?

Sources: Daily Caller & Breitbart

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50 Responses

  1. He could give a rats behind about Americans getting what they need, he gives everything to illegals and its BS

    1. I would care less if I read in the paper heathen biden had a good heart attack or stroke. Same for his heathen cabinet. God, where are you; are you listening?

      1. God is listening and He is still in control! The devil is in full swing because he knows his time is getting close!

        1. Amen to your comment, I totally agree!
          But IF Bidet has been “working” on this since February, he has been “working” to ensure that a shortage would happen!
          When are OUR conservative reps going to grow a pair and fight this totalitarian regime? They have ALL violated their oath of office making them ALL ineligible to hold office in OUR government!

        2. At 80 years old, the Criminal, Deranged, Liar, Dementia Leader’s life, on Almighty GOD’S Earth is limited.
          Nothing will save him from death and the Eternal Fires of Hell, for all the Evil, Killings, Pain and Suffering he has caused to Almighty GOD’S America and to all the American People and all GOD’S CHILDREN.

      2. Dementia Joe cares more about illegals than Americans. He caters to transgenders, blacks , far leftist idiots and the climate.

        Vote , vote, vote

  2. There is only one solution. Every American in every City and State needs to start Recall elections to get everyone out of office immediately. In the 2022 election all of the American citizens need to watch every drop off ballot box and take photos and record everyone that is caught putting in fraudulent ballots.

      1. But it is so sad that we have to think this way in America. We have a lot of rotten eggs to get rid of in our country’s leadership.

    1. You are so correct! What we all need to do is go down to DC & remove these traitors from our stolen White House once & for all. They all should be rotting in Hell!

  3. The writers of these pieces keep saying “Biden did this…,” or “Biden didn’t do that…” as if that demented old fool is actually in charge of ANYTHING. Biden cannot even take charge of his bowel movements let alone make executive decisions. I wish they would use the name of the ACTUAL Cretin-in-Charge who is deliberately creating this vortex of desperation and rage–Barack Obama. Who was in command when the gain of function research on the virus we know as Covid was banned here by DHS and shipped to Wuhan. (Ask yourself now–is this a paranoid, delusional rant or reality?)

    1. I’ve been saying this all along. The terrorist Obama is the one working behind the scenes. He got his 3rd term. Biden is just a puppet. Everyone in the administration are Obama holdovers. The Obama regime. Someone needs to arrest him & the whole regime for stealing the election from Trump!

      1. Needs to be arrested, both Biden and Obama, for treason and be given the penalty as out lined, firing squad or hanging.

  4. This administration has done absolutely nothing for the USA or for the American citizens has not upheld their Oath of Office , it has operated the same way as the Biden / Obama administration has for the sole interest of their own pocket books personal interest , the most Anti USA & Anti American Administrations I have ever seen in my entire life. I hope by the power & hand of GOD the Father Almighty all gets fully exposed from the smallest piece of corruption in the Obama administration through the Clinton administration through out today wasting every Americans taxes they have killing Americans destroying American families their kids, treason etc. this country has had so many deceptive thieves in the past, not doing anything for the USA & the American people I hope & pray God the Father God the Son, God the Holy Spirit exposes every single one of them & puts them away so they never get another chance to work in City & State government ever again Scandalous, sham-full, deserters

  5. The plant he shut down with the FDA was not responsible for the formula that had salmonella. This was proven right off the bat. The FDA should have looked into water contamination etc. They still have not found why these 2 children died. Why would the Administration shut down a plant that is feeding millions of children if they have no proof? They always said they follow the science. Where is the proof? Why would you make sure people breaking our laws have formula for their babies but leave American babies to starve?

    1. How much science did they follow concerning covid? The policy is what gives the politicians power.

    2. Let us not forget all the pallets of baby formula going to the boarder for the illegals babies and Americans can’t feed their babies, this is another atrocitie that this administration created and could have prevented for the most part, they knew about this problem in February yet did nothing !!! I believe it is the devil himself and all his evil minions , in their human form, whether it is biden,Obama, Clinton, Gates Soros or all above , they are possessed by evil ,but where there is evil there is good, there has to be , if not the end of our world would happen; the good I believe are all of us the American people which does include some not many of our elected representatives and we must stand together now more than ever, united we stand , devided we fall, we must stay diligent when we go to the polls in November, do our homework, beforehand so our vote goes to the right person, eyes open for any sign of cheating, quickly act on it if we see it, we must save our country, and pray for the strength to do what is right. God is with us we have to ask for his help!!! GOD BLESS AMERICA!!

  6. They have shown they prefer illegals to Americans over and over. Now they will let our babies starve while they take in illegals and insure their babies are fed. They let our Vets suffer medically with a shortage of doctors to treat them but had no problem pulling doctors from the Vets to send to illegals and creating even more wait times for much needed care of the men and women who served our nation. The democrats DO NOT CARE FOR THE CITIZENS OF THIS NATION.

    1. You are right, they do care for the ILLEGALS more then the CITIZEN, why well with an open border drugs and lots of them and criminals coming in, now maybe they are being paid by the CARTEL so they get rich and richer. How many of you have 2 homes, I don’t and have lived in this one for almost 57 years. I HATE DRUGS OF ANY KIND AND DO THE RESEARCH AND SEE HOW MANY HAVE DIED FROM DRUG OVER DOSES.

  7. The biggest buffoon of my lifetime… even more than Carter.
    The most damaging president to the United States… even more damaging than Obama.
    Strong DEMOCRAT LEADERSHIP!!! lol lol lol lol lol lol lol

  8. Liars, Biden and crew are all liars. They have destroyed this country on everything. Totally incompetent idiots. The Calvary is coming but is it to late

  9. Joe Biden does not give rats what the Conservatives media says ever since he be became president has been getting away
    With everything and he continue lying to the American people the Republicans just dance around him and they don’t do anything about it and he know it that the Republicans are weak.

  10. I say we need to protest this & refuse to pay taxes until this government starts standing for those who pay their salaries!
    They need to go down there & get that formula & give it to the right owners ehich is the American taxpayers!! Screw those people they knew when they ca me here they were breaking our laws & they knew that they would get cold or hot, knew they’d be thirsty & hungry!! This is not right the American children & the American people come first!! There are charities to help them & if that’s not enough send them back so their country can feed them!! Our babies & Our families come first!!

  11. Putting foreigners–illegal ones at that–ahead of fellow citizens is like putting strangers ahead of your own family.

  12. This old fool Biden has no respect not even for children that he claims…..he only loves himself
    Discussing human being
    Disgraceful man
    Get out of Trumps house

  13. He needs to give any formula imported to the illegals & give the domestic formula that the government is hoarding at the border to US citizens.

    1. You have to retry posing two or three times. Just keep trying as I have the same problem but it finally goes through.

  14. I doubt Biden knew anything about that but others certainly would have. So explain to the American taxpayers why is the baby formula going south of the border leaving citizen taxpayers without anything? I knew Californias Governor favors anyone below our southern border over it’s isn poverty stricken Los Angeles taxpayers many if which aren’t getting enough food much less jobs that pay a decent wage and benefits. Mph yeah thise we’re given to China and other countries fir maximum profits

  15. The Democrats are doing everything they can to make our country a communist country while they are still on control. Everyone GET OUT & VOTE in November!!!!!! Then maybe we can impeach both Biden & Harris, have a new election and just maybe we can save this country!

  16. I think Cindy is 100 percent correct ,the proof to me was Obamas little trip to the White House ,the way everyone ignored Biden ,and swooned all around the Boss

  17. Listen up son of Satan obiden you have crossed the line by putting our youngest citizens in jeopardy I’m not even going to ask you are the lowest if the low bottom feeding scum suckers anyone as low as you guess us Republicans were right about you that’s why your a loser you are going to lose big time in Nov count on it taking away baby formula was a real bad move for you commie leftist you just sunk your regime and parties ship say bye bye to the black and Hispanic communities you hurt their kids you list their votes family first loser! As for INFLATION that is you to inflation Joe the loser in 22 you’ll be all alone after this election! Let’s Go Brandon!

  18. Well don`t cha know blame the fools who made sure bidiot became the false leader and allowed obumma in instead,all who pushed him into the orfice are to blame,ffrom the beginning it was stated Americans have absolutely no standing,to the back of the line just shut up and pay.This tosty posty will probably be deleted

    1. My post from yesterday did not get posted! Evidently what I had stated is the truth and the truth hurts. It looks like my statement was head on!

  19. If this so called “man” Biden knew about this problem in Feb. and done nothing about, then why aren’t the Republicans doing anything about it? So, this is what they call “NOT LETTING ANY CRISIS GO WASTE” right? This should be, as I’ve always said” be an impeachable offense because of non-performance of his office. This would include everyone in his administration, because no one is going to tell me that they didn’t know anything about that. When the Republicans take the presidency in 2024, they should fire and then disbar a lot of Biden lawyers and his whole administration and jail a lot of them. Starting with the whole Biden communist family.

  20. The formula at the border should be distributed to the American families who need them. We are told there are pallets and more pallets of formula stockpiled there. The little ones are going to die if this doesn’t get resolved. Biden doesn’t care about the little ones-it’s okay if they die-this is his sick way of punishing those moms who decided against abortion and wanted to be a mom.

  21. Biden, Harris, Pelosi, Schumer and Psaki all knew of the baby formula shortage all the way back to Oct 2021. All filthy lies. Illegals are cared for more than American babies, WHY ?

  22. Anyone needing formula should go to the border and help themselves! Just say you are an illegal and you can get anything you want! Carry a backpack, wear expensive clothes and you will look like an illegal. Don’t have to prove who you are. You can also get free airfare. Need a vacation, tell them you have family in whatever state you want to visit. They will fly you there! Isn’t this administration just grand? It’s called WTF! Need to take our Country back from the idiots running it!!

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