Biden Administration Tells Gov. Whitmer ‘No’ on Extra Vaccine request

The state of Michigan is baffling everyone in the Democrat Party.

Governor Whitmer has had the state in a virtual lockdown for a full year, yet the state cannot get a handle on the COVID virus.

Now, with yet another surge taking place, Whitmer requested additional vaccines and she was told “no” by the administration.

Let Them Die

It is truly baffling that if lockdowns and masks are effective, why is Michigan having yet another massive surge of COVID infections?

Whitmer, who was once one of the top contenders for the VP role, figured Joe would help her out with this latest surge by giving her more vaccines than her scheduled allotment.

When Whitmer asked, however, she was told no by the Biden administration.

That is even a bit more baffling than the masks and lockdown ineffectiveness in the state.

The White House, in explaining the denial, stated, “This pandemic has hit every state and every county hard.

“That’s how it’s been done, and we will continue to do so. The virus is unpredictable. We don’t know where the next increase in cases could occur and you know that we push out all vaccine as soon as it’s available.”

Whitmer also chimed in on the denial, stating, “I made the case for a surge strategy.

“At this point, that’s not being deployed but I am not giving up.

“I’ve talked to a number of my colleagues, a lot of my fellow governors. They’re very worried about what they’re seeing in their numbers.

“Michigan often has been on the front end of the surges and that could be the case here, and that’s why it’s so important that we surge vaccines into hot spots. And I’ll continue fighting for that.”

I just think it is ironic that a man that says he wants to do everything possible to combat the pandemic is about to let a blue state run out of control with another surge that could impact the entire country.

It is time to keep a really close watch on the numbers in Michigan because if we another spike in deaths, that blame goes right to Joe Biden.

Source: Fox News

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40 Responses

    1. Hey Witmer. Really now. Are you just now seeing how deceitful and decisive the Democrat party is? They eat their own!

  1. If she was a Republican she would have been recalled by now. This is what happens when voters elect a shameless grandstander for a governor that has a superiority complex and no leadership skills. Those who voted for her in 2018 deserve what they are getting now and have no room to complain. Those who didn’t vote did just as much to help put her in office as those who elected her. Perhaps they will do a little more homework and properly research the candidates and issues by November 2022 when Whitmer is up for reelection. But then that four letter word “WORK” comes in.

      1. Linda, is this new “surge” in COVID the result of infected illegals being transported there? A serious question.

    1. There was a lot of Soros money spent to turn Michigan. I hope just like you said, that people wake up and study who will be running in 22. We need to clean house of her and her cronies but also many on the right as well.

    2. Governor “HALF-WHITMER” got elected in 2018 , buy the use of the same Fraudulent Voting Systems (DOMINION) & Methods that got ‘O-BIDEN’ Elected in Michigan and several other CONTESTED States across the country during the past National Election. Michigan Has a History of Being the MOST corrupt Voting States in the Nation.

      1. Her promise to legalize Pot was a big help to get her elected. In the 2018 primaries she was the lessor of three evils. Republican Bill Schuette, who opposed her in the General Mid Term, was no bargain either.

    3. Amen…I would bet also that the large Muslim population in Dearborn is not locked down…There are no federal laws that affect that population…Sharia law rules there and no one dares mention it…Why???

    4. She will be recalled ASAP. Hey Gretchen, you have ruined our immune systems with you lockdowns. Most of this mess is put on you. Time for you to stop playing god and open us 100% and let us figure it out ourselves. Tired of the Fear factor spewed all the time. Let your husband get his boat out or he just might rebell.

  2. We should haul everyone out of there and start over.

    They r clearly over their heads, they don’t know how to run a country.

    It caught up with them faster than I thought possible….

    Biden do what you know is right and give this election back to the person who really won and whom You and your party stole from him..
    Donald Trump……

    1. hey michelle, wtg on this biden/harris circus . they don’t know what to do, there both scared to death. they are causing any foreign enemy to just walk in and take over. no he hasn’t done anything good for this country except steal from all americans. and it’s past time for him and laughing komola to go. and where is dirty nancy polosi the impeachment leader. by the way if you still live in san francisco ca. you must move out now or face dirty nancy polosi.

  3. The vaccines do not prevent Covid 19. They are supposed to lower the reaction s an individual has when in siege by that bioweapon. Whitmer needs to open the doors and let the air in everywhere in her state. She needs to resign or the people need to be able to recall her over this mess she has made.

    1. We TRIED to get rid of her with petitions, but she has SOROS money behind her. She doesn’t understand that the vaccine was for the variant we had a year ago, not the current mutation. hundreds of People are getting the Virus even after receiving the shots. Shots don’t help, they just kill you now or later, destroy your immune system, sterilize you and give you an early death warrant.

      1. WHY is No One talking about Hydroxy or Ivermectin & Z-Pac Combo as a curative if taken at the first signs COVID distinct symptoms, ie: Loss of taste & severe Headaches as 2 examples.

        1. . . . Because they WORK, and the advantages afforded the democrats by the SCAMDEMIC would disappear. . . Why do we even need a vaccine when we have a cure ? . . Because with the vaccine, they can pump us with the chemicals they’ve always wanted to use ! . . A Ex Vice President of Pfizer came out and said outright “They are poisoning Americans with the vaccine, and he believes it is to reduce the population” like Bill Gates has already stated he wants to do, and he IS affiliated with the vaccine. . .Watch in the future and see if birth rates decline, as I believe they will.

    2. There is always a price to pay for the evil doers .its time for Biden, harris,pelosi and other in congress to start paying for their corupt over throw of the election .Americans has had enough already.

  4. I think it may be a bit too late for more vaccine doses. Should have been following the same rules you do with the flu, plus wearing masks. Vaccinations is mostly for preventing future outbreaks, not current ones. Besides, I suspect all states were allotted vaccine according to population and not by who was governor. At least that’s how I hope it happened. Probably wasted it all vaccinating politicians first.

  5. What? So if you are a blue state you should get what You want? Someone please do a recall on this fool! Damn the rest of the country give me what I want! Yup that sounds like her alright.

  6. What goes around comes around. This pompous elitist “B” killed small businesses with her dictator lockdowns. I hope she loses any election she runs in.

  7. This site is worthless. They will not accept any comment that makes a point. Do not waste your time commenting.

  8. Best Policy EVER——IMPEACH Biden, Harris, PIGLOSI, Schumer and others that are in the White House that are ruining our AMERICA…… Do it immediately!!!!!

  9. Hooray more divide among the Dems, feel for MI voters & citizens in lockdown etc.
    Bad optics
    But Gov wont do More
    & see the Biden backstab

  10. Sir are Kenite joe’s club showing all Dems.s look were the 6th trumpet sounding,LOOK WHO’S ANTI cHRISTIAN????

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