Biden and Progressives Could Square Off Over Possible Rahm Emanuel Appointment

Former Obama official and mayor of Chicago Rahm Emmanuel has the distinction of being despised by the entire right and progressives on the left.

His name would seem like a no-brainer to be left out from the Biden administration.

However, reports are now surfacing that Biden appears ready to dig in and fight off the progressive rebuke against Emanuel joining his administration.

Rahm Upsets Everyone

Conservatives don’t like Emanuel for the obvious reasons.

First, he is a former Obama official, which immediately puts him on the list.

Second, he was the mayor of Chicago during a time that saw incredible violence in the city and he did nothing about it.

When Trump was president, Emanual crawled out from under his rock at every opportunity to slam Trump while ignoring the peril his own city was experiencing.

The left’s dislike for him is regarding his time as mayor, as Emanuel widely ignored the controversial death of Laquan McDonald during his re-election campaign.

Leading the charge against him, predictably, is Squad leader Rep. Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.), who, when hearing about Emanuel possibly joining Biden’s administration, tweeted, “What is so hard to understand about this? Rahm Emanuel helped cover up the murder of Laquan McDonald.

“Covering up a murder is disqualifying for public leadership.

“This is not about the ‘visibility’ of a post. It is shameful and concerning that he is even being considered.”

Biden Will Defend

Joe Biden has shown a tendency to favor former Obama officials, and he seems ready to dig in against the very people that got him elected in 2020.

While Emanuel is not slotted for a Cabinet position, it looks like Joe wants to reward him by giving him an ambassadorship.

Two posts have been rumored, those being the Ambassador to Japan or the Ambassador to China, but we have also seen Nicholas Burns being floated for the Beijing post, which would send Emanuel to Japan.

The establishment loves Emanuel, but the progressives and the right despise him, which led to a former Biden aide stating, “If Rahm gets nominated he will have staunch allies, but he will have critics on the left and the right.”

Biden has caved to the far left on a lot of issues, but they have proven to us all time and again that unless they get everything they want, you are their enemy.

If Emanuel does get such a high-profile position, it will be very interesting to see just how much pushback he gets from the Squad and other progressives in the party.

Source: The Hill

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