Biden Apology Raises a LOT of Questions

Joe Biden did it again.

For some reason, Biden apologized to his staff for daring to take additional questions.

It has revived the question of who is calling the shots in this administration.

I’m Sorry

Biden was meeting with abortion advocates when he seemed to back off from a staff member.

Biden was taking questions and appeared to be ready to call on someone else, when a staffer could be heard saying, “Thank you so much, Mr. President for –”

Biden sheepishly stated, “Oh I’m sorry, I …”

He then leaned back in his chair, apologetically stating, “I took control. I shouldn’t do that.”

He added, “I’m not allowed to do that.”

Biden then literally turned the room over to his staffer, stating, “Go ahead, you tell me.”

The staffer did not hesitate, responding, “I think we’re gonna go ahead and have the rest of the conversation [barely audible] closed to press. Thank you all so much.”

You can see the exchange in the video below…

Yeah, I think we will all need a better explanation of what just happened there.

Source: Fox News

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36 Responses

  1. Everything Biden is doing or has done is horrendous!!!!
    When are the conservatives going to get him out of
    office????? America will be gone if we have to
    wait years for Biden to be gone!!!!

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      1. That is ugly and uncalled for!!! Please be kind and share an opinion without the racists words. There is no reason for this word to be anywhere!!

    1. the conservatives have no guts ! They are part of the swamp and they are afraid of Trump as well! This whole system is so corrupt only a guy like Trump & Georgr Patton can fix this countrys problem!!!!

    2. We as amicana wants to no who is really running the White House.Biden taking all the Heat it not all him.we all want to no WHO is doing all or parts of killing off the people in amicana.


  2. With joey sidelined and his “handlers” a mystery, Americans are in a quandary. Do we need to learn to speak Russian or Chinese ?

      1. It is in some schools already. A friend told me it was coming to her school. The way things are going, perhaps we should learn speak Chinese!

  3. He apologized for not following orders? Many of us already realized that he is a faux President. He is a puppet being used to put a face on a marxist agenda. But as long as he officially occupies the oval office he is the one who has to be held accountable for what happens.

  4. El-Tejas, you are so right. I surely like to know who is working his strings.
    Joe Obiden is a POS, and everyone already knows it. It is only a matter of time until he is subjected to
    a crimmnial investigation with his crooked son. I pray GOD it is soon. But we don’t want Harris or Pelosi

  5. No, a Civil War would be a war between factions within the government, such as we had over State’s Rights in the mid-1800s.
    What is really needed, at this point, is a new Revolutionary War because the Democrats and their allies have so corrupted the United States government that it is irredeemable as it is.
    We need to eliminate all of the changes that the idiots have made to our Constitution through “interpretation” and put it back to what the Founders wrote and MEANT.
    Then we can have our elections, without the cheating and ballot box stuffing of 2020, and install a president and Congress that will actually run a government as it was meant to be. a government by the Citizen’s Consent, not by some president’s orders or directives, based upon hoaxes and misinformation.

    1. Roger Meyer .. you’re 100% spot-on. Each and everyone of them deceitful, lying, thieving, parasites presently found in the executive + the legislative branches of “our” government, as well as a good majority of those corrupt members within the (top-n-bottom) ranks of (FBI, DOJ +) those (long time gone) prestigious institutions .. those who, knowingly, willingly and intentionally have – unquestionably – betrayed the trust deposited on them by “We .. the people”. Those liars who’ve betrayed their own word given under their sworn oath of office/duty .. derelicts and traitors ALL them who’ve turned against our Constitution, against our own people and, against our Nation. Now, obviously, and not just by reason of their disloyal and most reckless self-serving conduct, but because of their cowardice and most abusive behavior .. such, the reason as to why those treasonous pigs must be seen and considered – not only as real threat that they really are but, as the real enemies to our people and to our Nation. So much so that, it’s now become IMPERATIVE for us, as well as for the protection of our own families, for the preservation of our GOD given rights, for our liberty, our happiness, and our freedom .. to contemplate the necessity of our having to forcefully remove ALL of them individuals from their positions and – to eliminate them, if necessary. We can no longer afford to have such known frauds and traitors continue to “represent and serve” any of us with such their tyranny . Our very Nation’s survival depends on how much longer we allow for such a travesty to continue. DEATH it’s exactly what those traitors who -from within -have dared threaten and, who have done acted against the very freedoms and survival of our people and our Country.

  6. There is no doubt Biden is not in charge. He’s not capable of being in charge anyway, but this is elder
    abuse when they use him. If you were doing this to your family member you’d be arrested-and probably being drugged too. How long is going to go on before the people in big numbers protest–or sue over this-or civil
    war-or ask the courts to intervene? something needs to be done NOW!! It’s also a national emergency-He’s
    signing things into law–laws made by ??? China, Gestpo –who?? None of this maybe legal–we need to demand
    to know–or the courts should rule on it. wonder how many in the Senate–or even the courts are members of
    the communist party? I bet a bunch. Eisenhower ruled in 1954-“Communist Control Act” outlawing the Communist
    Party in USA. We openly have a Communist party in the USA–should be stopped and the party banned and thrown out of the USA . Biden has to be removed NOW. Someone out there has a lawyers degree to formally
    and legally put this to the courts to remove Biden and demand to know who has been running our government.

    1. Yes, and all the other Right Wingers get a free ride once more! What’s the point of investigations if no one is ever held accountable? Taxpayer’s money is wasted again and again! I’m so sick of this current administration and all their followers.

  7. Biden, Pelosi and Harris has all got to go. Make sure you and your friends VOTE . This is the only way to get them out!!!!

  8. Nancy I agree but do not forget Term Limits, Term Limits and Term Limits. Court Action for individuals who broke our laws. Clean out the swamp.

    Richard Bright

  9. For all you Demorats that think Biden is the greatest. I am 100% positive that my President, Donald J Trump would, could and will best him in every way. If you are sane, how could you disagree with me? Looking for a Red Wave in 2022 and the big prize in 2024.

  10. On another note : who was running the puppet show when Biden was vacationing in SC mansion for 2 weeks and Harris in Hawaii for 10 days at the same time?

  11. We all have to vote in this election, but we can’t put them out until God is done showing what they have done.

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